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by Linda Mathews Last Updated January 11, 2023

Are you ready to get a distinctive breed of cat and it happens that you live in Pennsylvania or anywhere nearby? Then no wonder that you’ve come to this site where you can check out pretty Siamese kittens for sale in Pennsylvania.

This post contains a lot of interesting facts about such a special cat breed as a traditional Siamese cat and it will definitely help you find an answer to your main question: where to buy a Siamese cat in Pennsylvania. Moreover, a list of purebred Siamese cats and kittens for sale given below includes some of the most trustworthy breeders’ names.

So if you’re serious about bringing a baby Siamese cat, our post can help you a lot.

Some Facts About Siamese Cats

Being truly one of the most adorable cat breeds in the USA, Siamese cats have always been extremely popular all over the world. Actually, this is also one of the oldest breeds of short-haired domestic cats that originates from Thailand, and until 1939 the official name of this breed was Siam.

Breed History and Ties with the Royal Family

The first book where you can find descriptions of such a wonderful feline as a Siamese cat is called “Tamra Maew”. It is a manuscript that was created between the 14th and 18th centuries. Thus the Siamese cat breed is known as one of the oldest breeds on our globe that has ancient roots and is connected to Southeast Asia.

As a unique cat breed of Thailand, Siamese felines were appreciated by the Royal families and they were venerated royal family members in Thailand for their peculiar and extraordinary look. Besides, people believed and still believe that the cats of this breed bring good luck.

Siamese Cat Appearance

The appearance of the Siamese kitties can leave no one indifferent. It is impossible not to fall in love with their crystal-blue eye and tender meowing. These fur balls are really unique, graceful, and captivating. They usually attract a lot of human attention, but luckily, they love attention and they love to be in the center of attention.

When it comes to their look, it’s impossible not to notice a special Siamese cat marking. Siamese cat ear tips, face, paws, and tail are usually darker than the rest of the body. This happens because all felines of this breed have the “Himalayan Gene”.

The “Gene” facilitates producing the enzyme that emits melanin and, thanks to this phenomenon, most of the Siamese cat body is white or creamy, except for its extremities. It will depend on the temperature how much darker extremities the Siamese cat will have. Because a warm climate fosters the production of melanin enzymes while cold obstructs this.

Siamese Cat Temperament

According to The International Cat Association (TICA), Siamese felines are known as lovable and highly devoted creatures. These smart and curious four-legged companions commonly choose one person from the whole family and they accept this person as a master. However, Siamese cats are great family pets that always strive for human attention and need a lot of interaction. Besides, they get along well with other animals.

One more important feature of these cute creatures is their loudness. They can be extremely noisy and very sociable felines. These cats like talking with their family members as well as they like being petted.

Siamese Cat Coat Varieties

That’s really fantastic! There are more than 30 Siamese cat coat colors. Maybe it will be initially quite challenging for you to decide what coat coloring type to get into your home.

According to the classic classification provided by the Cat Fanciers Association, most cat experts point out four main coat patterns of the Siamese cats: Chocolate Point, Seal Point, Blue Point, and Lilac Point. But sub-classification includes a lot more options that also deserve your attention.

Siamese Cat Breeders in Pennsylvania With Kittens and Cats for Sale

Because of quite a high price, some Siamese cat lovers try to find kittens of this extravagant and so desirable breed for sale or even focus on animal shelters where they can also scare up a purebred Siamese fur ball.

If you’re among those who want to buy a Siamese kitten for sale, take a closer look at the table of reputable breeders that can offer you an awesome four-legged friend for a cutting price for various reasons. So feline fans who live in Pennsylvania can safely look through the available small and adult Siamese felines, and maybe you’ll find your new favorite exactly among them.

Don’t ignore animal shelters located in Pennsylvania. It often happens that you can see purebred kittens and cats there, and it’s a wonderful chance to adopt a fluffy creature of one of the cutest cat breeds.

Check out the available Siamese kitties and bring a new fur ball into your home to make your life brighter and more dynamic. Be sure kittens for sale or kittens that are waiting for being adopted are no different from those who are offered to be bought at full price.

BreederAvailable Kittens/
Phone NumberWebsite
Kathy's Country Siamese and BalineseSeal Point Siamese kittens for sale, Chocolate Point Siamese Kitten for sale, etc.
Kittens for sale in Dayton, PA
Applecat AcresLilac Point Kitten, Blue Point Siamese kittens.
Kittens for sale in Newville, PA
Mariana Siamese homeSiamese kittens for adoption in PAN/
MezetiqueApplehead Siamese kitten for sale in Southern,
SandypointsSeal, Lilac, Blue, and Chocolate Point Siamese kittens for sale in Philadelphia, PAN/
Premium Siamese CatsSiamese cats for sale in Imperial,
Animal Coalition of Delaware County, Inc.Siamese cat rescue PA / Siamese kittens for sale West Chester,
Country Loving SiameseTortie Point Siamese kittens for sale in North Harrisburg,

Where to Get Siamese Kittens for Sale in PA?

Applecat Acres

Applecat Acres

The reputation of this breeder deserves the great respect and attention of those cat fans who’re planning to bring a new Siamese four-legged companion into their home.

Applecat Acres has been raising Siamese kittens since the beginning of the 1980s. This Siamese cattery specializes in Traditional Siamese cats and often places ads about selling kittens with cutting prices.

So if you want to get a new pet and don’t want to pay a lot, check out the Applecat Acres website and find the best fur ball for you.

Kathy’s Country Siamese and Balinese

Kathy's Country Siamese and Balinese

Located in Dayton, Kathy’s Country Siamese kittens can be a perfect spot where you’ll find a lot of small Siamese fur balls. The most amazing thing is that this highly respectful place offers kittens for sale and cuts kittens’ prices a lot. It’s possible to buy a purebred Siamese kitty there for a token price.



Mezetique is a breeder that offers Lilac Point and Chocolate Point Siamese kittens. Well, the residents of Lancaster can focus on this Siamese breeding spot to find a cool kitty. From time to time, this breeder claims various sales on their cuties and that may be a wonderful chance to save some money and simultaneously obtain a gorgeous kitten.

Mariana Siamese home

Mariana Siamese home

Mariana Siamese home has been successfully operating for more than 16 years (since 2005). It lets any cat lover buy a Siamese kitten (often for sale). Among the advantages of this spot is the ability to purchase an already neutered and sprayed kitty for quite a low cost.



This is a place that has the status of championship given by the International Cat Association. As you have already realized, purchasing a fur ball at Sandypoints means that you’ll get a kitty with an excellent pedigree. Besides, this breeder never uses cages for keeping their pets and that’s why you can get an extremely sociable creature without spending lots of money.

Premium Siamese Cats

Premium Siamese Cats

Looking for a breeder who can let you offer a lavender Siamese cat or kitten for sale? If you live in Imperial, pay attention to Premium Siamese Cats. The breeder has a lot of interesting offers for those people who’re going to let into their lives a little furry meowing creature.

Animal Coalition of Delaware County, Inc.

Animal Coalition of Delaware County, Inc.

Visiting an animal shelter can be a nice idea! One of the most famous is Animal Coalition of Delaware County, Inc. There it’s possible to find a Siamese kitten or adult Siamese cats for sale. If you’re ready to help a pitiful animal and adopt a new favorite, you can always check out its webpage and select a kitty that will please you.


How Many Cats Can You Legally Own in Pennsylvania?

Although Pittsburgh residents are limited to five pets, state law states that Pennsylvania residents may possess an unlimited number of lawful pets.

What Is the Average Price of a Siamese Kitten in Pennsylvania?

A Siamese Kitten in Pennsylvania costs between $400 and $1500. Some breeders may even sell Siamese kittens for $2000 or more. The price would be determined by a variety of variables, including the kitten’s pedigree, parentage, health, and the breeder’s status.


Siamese cats are splendid creatures that hypnotize people with their unique appearance and gentle nature. These fur balls can be perfect companions and get along well with all family members, including kids.

But sometimes the price of this breed can shock. Well, don’t worry! There’s a great solution to focus on animal shelters and Siamese cat breeders who are ready to buy the kittens for sale or even free of charge.