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by Linda Mathews Last Updated January 10, 2023

Believed to be a real masterpiece of living art, the Lilac Point Siamese cats are considered to be quite distinct from the rest three types of Siamese breeds.

The uncommon coloration of these cats – watered-down chocolate points that seem a bit lilac-gray – as well as their talent to be extremely vocal and talkative make this extraordinary Siamese breed highly popular and demanded among cat owners.

However, before getting this pretty creature into your home, it would be better to know more about the peculiarities and features of the Lilac Point Siamese cats.

Interesting Facts about the Lilac Point Siamese Cat

Interesting Facts about the Lilac Point Siamese Cat

What is a lilac point Siamese? Lilac Point Siamese mix happened because of the blue (dilute) gene that appeared to be a bit chocolate. Maybe that’s exactly why a lilac-colored cat with points of the Siamese breed is regarded as a watered-down version of  Bluepoint Siamese cat and Chocolate one.

The next outstanding fact that you should know about lilac cat color Siamese is that these felines are known as the most sociable and communicative cats in the world. They usually bond very closely with their owners and they always take interest in what their owners are doing.

One more thing you need to be aware of this specific cat type is that violet point Siamese felines are temperature-related cats. This means that their points on the coat can get a bit darker (be of darker shades) because of cold temperature and lighter if they are in a warm climate.

A Brief History of the Lilac Point Siamese Cat

Despite the fact that Siamese is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world (this ancient breed was known in the 14th century), Lilac Point Siamese cats were first recognized as a separate breed type only in the 1960s. Even a decade earlier Siamese cat points of lilac color were considered freaks.

Thanks to a distinguished kitten coloring, Lilac Point Siamese firstly became popular in the USA in 1955 and then, in 1960, British cat owners paid attention to such unusual cats and started to promote them.

Lilac Point Siamese Appearance

Lilac Point Siamese Appearance

Lilac Point Siamese, also known as Frosty Points, have a number of features that make this type so striking and stunning. Their lilac points seem the palest of pale, their eyes are like blue sapphires, ears, tail, and paws are of a frosty grey color. The nose leather and paw pads of this Siamese type are featured with a pale pink shade.

Lilac Point Coat Color

Generally, the Siamese Cat Lilac Point type is the lightest when it comes to the coat color compared to the other three types (Chocolate, Seal, and Blue Point Siamese cats). The entire body of Lilac Point Siamese is covered with fur of a creamy white color. It can look a bit blue but it is a watered-down chocolate shade.

The Lilac Lynx Point cat is very different from other Siamese because it has lilac rings that stretch from its cheeks, legs, and up through the tail. It is a mix of the Siamese and Tabby cat.

Size and Weight

Siamese cats have medium-sized bodies that are beautiful and slim. Male lilac point Siameses weigh 8 to 12 pounds, while females weigh 5 to 8 pounds. A mature lilac point Siamese cat will be 8-10 inches tall.

Lilac Point Siamese vs Blue Point: What Is the Difference between Blue Point and Lilac Point Cats?

The main difference between lilac point Siamese and blue point Siamese felines is that Blue Point cats have a platinum gray coat with a predominance of blue shades. Their belly and chest are a bit lighter than the rest body. The points contain deep grayish-blue tones. As for Lilac or Lavender Siamese cats, they have a creamy white body with pink-like gray-colored points. There is no difference between lilac and lavender tones when it comes to the cat coat.

So, as you can see, it may seem that Blue Point and Lilac Siamese kittens look almost the same but they aren’t. These two cat types are completely different due to their coat color and personality as well.

Treatment & Intelligence of the Lilac Point Siamese

The Lilac Point Siamese personality is as outstanding as their distinct look. A typical lilac point cat can be described as an extremely vocal creature that loves communicating with its owners very-very much!

Besides, such lilac or lavender point cats aren’t afraid of showing their affection and love to humans. This type of Siamese is extremely loyal and if you decide to have such a cool feline at your home, it can be your real friend.

Being very smart and curious, Siamese cats with lilac points are highly energetic felines that like playing different active games with humans.

Things to Know When Owning a Lilac Point Siamese

For those who still have doubts about whether to get a Lilac Point Siamese or not, the following information can be useful and helpful.

Food & Diet Requirements

What is a perfect diet for the Lilac Point Siamese? Like all the Siamese, a Lilac Point cat requires a large amount of protein to feel healthy and look cool. Moreover, it is highly important to include a variety of minerals in their diet plan if you want your four-legged friend to stay active and playful.

The ideal diet for your Lilac Point cat must consist of protein, fat, minerals, and water. Remember, you need to choose the appropriate water container for your feline as its body consists of 70% water and it should be well-hydrated to avoid health issues.

Consult with the vet firstly to pick out the type of food you’ll give to your extraordinary cat. It can be dry, wet, or homemade (non-raw).


The Lilac Point Siamese are very active and energetic types of felines so this breed doesn’t have any problems with their weight if you choose the right diet for your small friend. The Lilac Points can exercise almost all day long, especially if they play with their owners or children. The kittenhood of these felines usually takes place in games and merriment.


Like the creatures that quickly become attached to their owners, Lilac Point Siamese always try to adapt to their owners’ way of living. Most people who have this type of Siamese point out that they are highly trainable cats and it doesn’t take so long to teach them some new tricks or accustom them to good habits. The Lilac Points have an excellent memory but be careful they can remember some negative moments for a very long time as well.


Being a very beautiful and popular type of Siamese, the Lilac Points like all the rest three types of Siamese don’t need so much grooming at all. And it’s easy to explain why. These cats belong to short-haired felines and are known as hypo-allergic cats. That’s great for people who want to have a furry ball at home but have some pet allergy on their coats.

Due to their coat peculiarities, namely their short length, the Siamese with lilac points don’t require some special and difficult grooming. All you need to do to make your pet’s life happy and pleasant is to buy the right comb for your feline and brush it at least once a  week. Don’t forget to clean your feline’s ears and trim its nails when it needs to.

Health and Conditions

How long do Lilac Point Siamese cats live? This is one of the first and the main questions for most people who want to get a Siamese Lilac Cat. Luckily, this type of Siamese has a long life span that can vary between 15-20 years. Of course, it depends on the living conditions. The feline of this cat type needs quite a large space to play, jump and run as it is described as a very energetic creature.  Moreover, it is important to stick your feline to a balanced diet and be sure that it is always well-hydrated.

Keep in mind to consult with the vet if you see that your peculiar Siamese becomes passive and do a full check-up of your pet every year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lilac Point Siamese Cats Rare?

The lilac point Siamese is an uncommon variant.

Why Do Lilac Point Siamese Cats Meow So Much?

In the feline world, Siamese cats are renowned as extroverts. They are naturally gregarious and prefer to communicate verbally.

Are These Cats Good for Families?

These cats are great for families, especially for families with a child or children. The Siamese and the Lilac Points aren’t exceptions. They are dynamic fur-balls that like to play, run and jump most of all. Actually, such felines are good at training and they learn new tricks and habits very quickly.

Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets?

This breed is specific but getting one more furry companion can be a good idea for a cat owner. In case when owners aren’t at home, your Siamese won’t be bored if it can play or communicate with another pet or even pets.

What’s the Price of Lilac Point Siamese Kittens?

How much does a Lilac Point Siamese cat cost? When it comes to the cost of Lilac Siamese kittens, you won’t find a clear answer because it can vary depending on a number of additional characteristics of the feline. Just one thing is certain: the price is between $250 – $2500.

Male vs. Female

Some articles about the Siamese stated that male Siamese cats are more friendly, affectionate, and laid back than female ones. That’s not exactly true and, in most cases, the behavior of your four-legged companion, how loving, talkative and friendly your Siamese cat will be, depends on you and your attitude to your furry pet.


The Lilac Point Siamese Cat is one of the most interesting and appealing Siamese breeds that gained popularity in the 1960s. Thanks to its communication skills, smartness, and energetic nature, this type of Siamese is at the top of family favorites all over the globe. If you think about bringing such a peculiar furry ball, check out this post one more time to get more information about this breed and be sure that you’re ready to create the right conditions for such a cool creature.