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by Linda Mathews Last Updated July 7, 2023

Can you imagine a laid-back, intelligent, friendly, sweet, graceful, affectionate, and low-maintenance cat? If your answer is no, then let us convince you. We will prove that Lynx Point Siamese cats are the best choice for people who don’t like the excessive vocalization of Siamese cats and their spontaneous aggressiveness because you won’t find these qualities in Lynx Point Siamese cats.

In this article, we will dive into the history, appearance, and personality of these spectacular felines. Keep reading!

History Of Lynx Point Siamese Cats

What is a Lynx Point Siamese Cat? The Lynx Point Siamese cat, also known as the Lynx Point, Tabby Point, or Colorpoint cat, is a cross between the Seal Point Siamese cat and the American Shorthair cat. This breed appeared in the 50s of the 20th century. It is believed that the appearance of the Lynx Point Siamese cat was unplanned, and the first Lynx kitten born as a result of such a cross was then bred with a Seal Point Siamese cat. The result of this crossing was the first Seal Tabby Point Siamese.

The breed gained popularity in the 60s, and the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) recognized the Lynx Siamese cat as a species of Siamese cats.

Lynx Point Siamese: What’s in a Name

This type of Siamese cat breed has several interchangeable names. For example, the American Cat Fanciers Association calls the breed Lynx Colorpoint Shorthair cat, and the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy in the UK calls it the Tabby Point Siamese cat.

The Lynx Point Siamese Cat Appearance

The Lynx Point Siamese Cat Appearance

The Lynx Point Siamese kittens (also known as the Tabby point or Colorpoint Shorthair cat) are a unique blend of a traditional Siamese cat and a tabby cat. Therefore, they feature well defined stripes on their ears and cheeks. Besides, lynx markings are present on their legs. Their tails are decorated with absolutely gorgeous rings of different thicknesses. Lynx Point cats have a distinctive “M-mark”, typical for tabby cats, on their forehead. Do lynx point Siamese cats get darker? Rings of color that run through their legs, cheeks, and up into their tail are frequently used to identify Lynx Points. These rings frequently darken as the cat ages.

Lynx Point Siamese felines are known as an athletic breed with their muscular underneath and sturdy limbs. Usually, they weigh about 6-12 pounds, and female cats are smaller than males.

Lynx Point Siamese kittens and cats come in various colors and coat patterns: red, cinnamon, apricot, caramel, blue lynx point, seal point, chocolate, lilac, and tabby points. Also, the tortoiseshell pattern in the Siamese breed is considered to be the rarest color. Therefore, the tortoiseshell Siamese cat is quite expensive to own. Those cat lovers who want to buy kittens of this pattern may try their luck at local shelters or adoption centers.

Siamese Lynx Point Personality

Lynx Point Siamese Cat Personality

Lynx Point Siamese cats are a “lite version” of traditional Siamese cats who may resemble a wild lynx. Purebred cats called lynx point are just as smart and playful as their traditional Siamese ancestors but less noisy and more laid-back.

Lynx Point cats are chatty cats who will communicate with you non-stop, watch your favorite TV shows together with you, talk with you in their affectionate language, play fetch, lie down on the keyboard and interfere with your work, as well as run around the house to release their energy and play with scratching posts.

Besides, lynx Color Point shorthair cats get along well with other cats and other pets in a household. Lynx Point Siamese need to spend time with their owners, so do not leave your pet alone for a long time, it cannot stand loneliness.

Editor’s Note

Male Siamese Vs Female Siamese

The female cats at Lynx Point are extremely picky about who they love and will only choose one person. Occasionally, some of them can be really sociable. In comparison to their male contemporaries, the girls are likewise extremely moody. Male counterparts tend to be more passive and cute.

What Are the Two Main Categories of Siamese Cats?

Basically, there are two major categories of Siamese cats: traditional and modern.

Traditional Siamese

As the Cat Fanciers’ Association states, “it is believed that Siamese are descended from the sacred temple cats in Siam, now called Thailand. They made their appearance in the United States in 1878 when the American President received “Siam” as a gift from the American Consul in Bangkok.”

Standard Siamese cats were the companions of kings: these felines guarded their treasures during their lives and accompanied the souls of royalty after death. Traditional Siamese cats had a light squint and curved tails.

Also, they had a lean body and beautiful markings on their muzzles, paws, and tail. There are several types of traditional Siamese cats: Classic, Old Style, and Apple Head.

Modern Siamese

Modern cats are as smart and friendly as their ancestors, however, outwardly they are slightly different. They have a less athletic white or cream-colored body, and the points on different body parts can be either dark or light.


This breed has a wedge-shaped head, their ears are set low and located closer to the face.

Light-colored points

These felines have light-colored points on their luxurious coats. These points can be chocolate, cream, or lilac.

  • Chocolate point cats have a beige body and light chocolate points. They are social and friendly with adults and kids.
  • Cream point Siamese babies have light bodies and cream point spotting.
  • Lilac point cats feature grey, light pink, and purple markings.

Dark-colored points

Dark-colored cats are divided into three groups, depending on the point color.

  • Blue point cats got their name due to blue-steel points and dazzling blue eyes.
  • Seal point felines feature dark brown or brownish-black points.
  • Red points have an appealing combination of blue eyes and points of amber, orange, or crimson fur shades.

Things to Know When Owning a Lynx Point Siamese

Things to Know When Owning a Lynx Point Siamese

Being the owner of these cats is not only exciting but also troublesome sometimes because you need to provide the fluffy furball with excellent living conditions and affectionate communication.

Do Lynx Point Siamese Cats Shed?

Even though this beautiful cat is shorthaired, it sheds. Shedding is not very noticeable because the hair is short. The cat sheds twice a year, but some cats shed insignificantly during the year. It is recommended to regularly take care of the pet’s coat – brush the cat regularly or visit a professional groomer.

As for allergies to cats, this breed can set off an allergic reaction. Therefore, the answer to the question: “Are Lynx Point Siamese cats hypoallergenic?” is definitely not.

Average Lifespan Of A Lynx Point Siamese Cat & Common Health Problems

The Lynx Point Siamese is susceptible to the same health problems as Siamese and Colorpoint Shorthairs, such as eye problems, renal amyloidosis, dental issues, various bronchial diseases, and congenital heart defects.

The Lynx Point Siamese cat has a good reputation in terms of health as breeders have worked hard to eradicate all genetic diseases. With proper care and nutrition, this cat can live from 15 to 20 years.

Are Lynx Point Siamese Cats Rare?

A Tabby Point Siamese and a Lynx Colorpoint Shorthair Siamese cat are quite common. As for the tortoiseshell Siamese cat, it is quite rare. Besides, rare breeds usually cost more than their traditional counterparts.

Food & Diet Requirements

Like all cats, Lynx Point Siamese cats are carnivores, so their diet should contain a sufficient amount of protein (at least 25%). At the same time, Lynx Points tend to put on those extra pounds. Thereby, it is very important to offer them a well-balanced diet without overfeeding (regardless of their needs).

Also, make sure your cat gets enough fiber, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals it needs to live a fulfilling and harmonious life. You can choose dry food and replenish the moisture needed with a small addition of wet food, or prepare homemade food if you choose a creative path.

If your cat is deficient in any of the vitamins and minerals, then supplementation should be given. We recommend consulting your veterinarian before making any decision.

Exercise and Training

Lynx Point Siamese cats are very curious, energetic, and outgoing, so you shouldn’t coax them into playtime. On the contrary, they are ready to romp at a moment’s notice. This breed is definitely not for couch potatoes.

They love all toys, but laser point toys, kick toys, and tall cat trees are top-rated on the list of their favorite toys. If a cat is neutered or sprayed, then it may mellow out and its energy level decreases.

The training process is easy and fun as they pick up on easy tasks quickly. The litter box training isn’t a problem either. However, these cats are known for their independence, so don’t force the cat to obey commands if it does not want to.


Your Lynx Point Siamese doesn’t need any extra washing, maintenance, or trims because of its very short coat. Weekly grooming for your Lynx Point is a wonderful idea since it will assist to remove extra hair from its coat.

Lynx Point Siamese Price

The price of the Lynx Point Siamese varies and depends on many factors: the pedigree of the kitten, the place of purchase, the reputation of the breeder, the condition of health, and the absence of genetic diseases. How much are lynx point Siamese cats worth? A healthy, well-bred kitten with all the necessary vaccinations will cost at least $500.

Editor’s Note

Where to Adopt or Buy a Lynx Point Siamese 

A reliable breeder may be found online, or you can visit animal shelters or breed-specific cat rescue organizations to get an adult Lynx Point Siamese.

Unknown Facts About Lynx Point Siamese

Lynx Point Siamese are the favorite type of Siamese in the U.S.

The most favorite breed is the Lynx Point Siamese. Despite the fact that there are other Siamese breeds, Lynx Points are the ones that are most frequently found in households and pet shops.

Lynx Point Siamese are intelligent cats who are easy to train

Point lynx Siamese are very intelligent. Therefore, they are easy to teach and frequently pick up new skills fast. They take pleasure in communicating with their human friends and enjoying games.

All pointed cats are white when born

Pointed cats of various coat colors are born white. Their points are temperature-sensitive and low temperature influences them.


Are Lynx Point Siamese Cats Aggressive?

Lynx Points aren’t inherently hostile. However, they have a degree of independence and determination. Although a Siamese lynx point cat seems to be laid back, it is eager to burst into action at the slightest provocation.

Are Lynx Points Outdoor Cats?

Lynx Points are incredibly inquisitive. They are easily sidetracked, even to the point where they could stray and even lose track of where they are. Therefore, it is better to keep these felines indoors.

Can Lynx Point Siamese be Left On Their Own?

Despite their independence, Siamese cats are sometimes prone to separation anxiety. Going out for an evening or afternoon appointment shouldn’t be an issue because, in the majority of circumstances, they can be left alone for a while.

How Do Males and Females Differ?

Males are more prone to fall in love with anyone, while females are slightly pickier. Males have a tendency to be slightly rowdier and crazier than females, but they can also have a lot of endearing qualities.

Are These Cats Good for Families?

These cats can be wonderful additions to any home. Due to their great activity, Lynx Points may be excellent playmates for kids. However, as younger kids are more inconsistent and unpredictable, these cats might not be as interested in them.


Lynx Point Siamese cats are as affectionate, elegant, laid back, and curious as traditional Siamese cats, but they are less vocal and calmer.

Lynx Point Siamese felines come in a variety of colors: colorpoints are more common, whereas lynx point siamese tortoiseshell pattern cats are rare, but they are worth chasing. However, regardless of their coat color, these cats bring lots of amusement, happiness, and joy wherever they go.