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by Linda Mathews Last Updated January 12, 2023

Seal point Siamese cats are one of the sought-after Siamese breeds not only due to their amazing appearance but due to their exceptional personality. Siamese are wonderful companions who adore their owners.

They will give you a warm hug in the morning, support you with a conversation if you are depressed, and will gladly play various games with you. If you need a loyal, intelligent, and loving friend, then this cat is the best choice.

If you do not know anything about these cats, but dream of becoming their parent, in this article, you will find all the information you need about the most affectionate and intelligent felines in the cat world.

The Seal Point Siamese Breed At A Glance

The Seal Point Siamese Breed At A Glance

Origin Thailand
Eye color Electric Blue
Life expectancy 8 – 15 years
Shedding tendency low


Weight range 4 – 6 kg
Height range 29 – 31cm


Weight range 2.5 – 4.5 kg
Height range 27 – 31cm

Coat length

Balinese Long coat
Colorpoint Siamese Short coat, but there are long-haired Siamese cats
Coat Type Glossy
Grooming needs Require weekly brushing
Social needs Very sociable and friendly, love to spend time with all family members

What is a Seal Point Siamese?

Seal point is the most popular and oldest recognized color of Siamese felines. It was the Seal point color that was called royal, and Sealpoint Siamese cats have been faithful companions of royal families for many centuries.

Seal point cats have dark brown, almost black markings, and the color of the belly and chest is of the lightest shade. The markings on the cat’s paws look like long gloves, and the nose leather and paw pads also have dark brown coloration.

A brief history of these cats

When it comes to Siamese cats, an image of a light-colored Siamese cat with dark point colors, a dark face and paw pads comes to our minds. However, the Original Siamese Cat was Seal Pointed, as presented in the ancient Cat Book Poems (Tamra Maew) (circa 1350-1767).

Siamese seal point cats were highly respected cats in Thailand. Initially, only members of the royal family could own the original Seal point cat, and they believed that this cat escorted the soul of the deceased to the afterlife.

Besides, it is known that these cats lived with the priests in monasteries and reported danger in the event of intruders. They were also considered the spiritual guardians of people.

In the second half of the 19th century, the ruler of Siam sent several dozen Siamese cats to Europe as a gift to dignitaries. In 1884 an English consul from Bangkok brought a Siamese cat of traditional color to London. In England, Siamese have become very popular since Queen Victoria visited the first Siamese cat shows in the late 19th century.

In 1901, the British “Club of Siamese cats” was established, and in 1902 the standard for Siamese cats was approved. According to this standard, cats with kinked tails and strabismus were not eligible for further breeding. After 1902, these cats appeared in other European countries and the USA.

It is impossible not to mention the fact that the Seal Point Siamese cats are also known as the Royal cats who even lived in the White House. In the 1870s, Lucy Hayes, who was the first lady to Rutherford B Hayes, was gifted a Seal Point Siamese cat that lived in the White House.

What does a Seal point Siamese look like?

What does a Seal point look like

These cats have graceful and flexible bodies. The cat’s body color is pale fawn, their cream colored body darkens to light brown during life (the older the cat, the darker the color), points on the body are deep brown. The cat’s eyes are bright, luminous, deep blue. The disadvantages of these cute felines are light paws and a greenish tint of the eyes.

Seal Point Siamese Kittens

All Siamese kittens are born white, their color appears within a few weeks. At a young age, Seal point and Bluepoint Siamese kittens are very similar, and it is almost impossible to distinguish them from each other.

Seal Point Siamese Personality


Some people believe that Blue points are affectionate and gentle, Seal points are arrogant, Chocolate points are funny, and torties are naughty. Undoubtedly, this opinion is subjective, but there are certain Siamese personality traits that set Sealpoint Siamese felines apart from others.

The Siamese cats Seal point are elegant and independent, loyal and friendly with other pets (including dogs), but at the same time, they can be quite possessive and jealous. They are very capricious and if they don’t like something, trust us, they will let you know with a haughty look and a loud, displeased “meow”.

Are Seal point Siamese cats affectionate? These creatures adore attention, they are very energetic, easy-going, and feel equally comfortable both in the company of adults and children. The intelligence level of these cats makes them eager to learn new tricks, and they love to play games.

Seal or Chocolate Point? What’s the Difference?

Many owners wonder how to tell the difference between a Seal point and a Chocolate point Siamese cat. The main difference between seal and chocolate point Siamese cats is the shade of their points and fur. Seal points have a darker coat, whereas Chocolate point Siamese cats’ coat is pale fawn. Seal points have cold toned fur, while Chocolate points have warm toned fur.

So, what is the difference between Seal Point and Chocolate points? The main difference is the color of their paw pads. Dark Seal point Siamese have dark brown paws, while Chocolate point cats have brown paws with a pinkish undertone.

Seal Point Siamese Cat Color Genetics: What Causes the Seal Point Coloration in Siamese Cats?

Seal Point Siamese Cat Color Genetics: What Causes the Seal Point Coloration in Siamese Cats?
We will not go into the details of the genetics of these cats, but we will try to explain in simple terms how these cats obtain their seal point coloring. Seal point cats have a Himalayan gene with albino origins. In other words, this gene is responsible for partial albinism on the warm parts of the cat’s body. Thus, areas of the body with a high temperature are light, and all cold areas have darker points.
Besides, the seal point coloration in Siamese cats comes from the B gene and the D gene. Seal point cats have either Dd or DD paired with Bb. For instance, a Siamese cat that has a pair of dominant D and B-genes will be of a seal brown color.

The Seal Point in Related Breeds

The Seal point pattern is characteristic not only of Siamese felines but is also found in other Seal point cat breeds.

Seal point Siamese cats
The Siamese cat is a true Seal Point cat, which has been the royal cat breed since ancient times.

Seal point Himalayan cats
Himalayan cats have a Seal point pattern – a creamy body and dark points. Sometimes they are known as “Himalayan Persian” cats.

Seal point Ragdoll cats
Ragdolls are also Seal points – they can have a mitted Seal point pattern or a bicolor pattern.

Other breeds of Seal Points
Other breeds of Seal points include the Balinese, Birmans, Tonkinese, Javanese, Snowshoes, as well as the British Shorthair, the Colorpoint Shorthair, and the Oriental Thai. These felines may also have a light body at a very young age, and when Seal Point kittens become older, their body will turn dark brown, and they will feature darker points (sometimes they are brownish black).

How much do they cost?

How much is a Seal point Siamese cat? The price of Seal Point cats and kittens ranges from $250 to $1200 (the same price range have Lilac point and Blue point Siamese cats), adult purebred species are more expensive – the price starts at $1000. The cost of cats offered by cat breeders is much higher since the kittens have a pedigree, good housing conditions, and all the necessary vaccinations.

It is much cheaper to get Seal point kittens from a shelter, but in this case, you cannot be sure about the pedigree of cats and the cat’s health.

Do they shed?

These cats have very short hair, they shed less often than other cat breeds, and this shedding is not as noticeable. However, despite this, they are not hypoallergenic.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Are Seal Point Siamese cats rare?

Seal point coloration is the most ancient color of the Siamese cats, so it is quite common. Many breeders offer Seal point Siamese cats at various prices. The rarest Siamese cats are felines with a tortoiseshell coat pattern.

How big do Seal Point Siamese cats get?

Seal point Siamese cats are medium-sized cats. An adult Seal point Siamese cat is 11 to 15 inches tall and weighs 8 to 10 pounds. A female Siamese cat is usually smaller than a male Seal point Siamese cat.

Do Seal Point Siamese cats have health problems?

In general, Seal Point Siamese cats are healthy and can live for over 20 years with proper care. However, there are certain diseases that Siamese cats of this color are prone to. These conditions include hip dysplasia, Pica syndrome (the disease is a manifestation of feline obsessive-compulsive disorder and is characterized by the desire to swallow inedible objects), progressive retinal atrophy, upper respiratory tract infection, and impaired coordination.

How to groom a Seal Point Siamese?

Seal Points have a short coat and do not shed much, so they are relatively easy to care for. It will be enough to brush the cat once a week (pay attention to the comb, it must be safe for your cat’s skin), but during the shedding season, it is necessary to brush the cat more often to minimize hair loss. Also, get a nail trimmer if needed. However, we recommend visiting a professional groomer to ensure that cat care is as professional and pleasant as possible for your pet.

What Is the Lifespan of a Seal Point Siamese?

The average Siamese cat has a lifespan of 12 to 20 years. However, 12 years is on the low end, since many of these cats survive to be 15, and a startling number live well into 20. The longest living cat in the world was a Siamese named Scooter, who lived to the age of 30, so these cats are undoubtedly long-lived.

Are Seal Point Siamese Cats Hypoallergenic?

No cat is genuinely hypoallergenic. However, seal point Siamese cats are not suggested for persons who suffer from severe allergies. However, among the cat community, Siamese cats are frequently regarded as hypoallergenic.

This is because Siamese cats make very little Fel d 1 protein. This protein is responsible for many people’s allergic responses.


Thus, if you are a cat lover who has two cats or other pets and wants to expand the family, buying a Seal point Siamese cat will be an acceptable variant because these fur balls are friendly, intelligent, and affectionate. We bet you will give a piece of your heart to the sweetest and cutest Seal points.

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