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by Linda Mathews Last Updated December 28, 2022

Many families are looking forward to having a pet. Felines are among the most demandable companions for people around the world. The idea to adopt a kitten is great if you have children.

Most cats are very calm, friendly, and well-socializing. Your kids can play with the bewhiskered companion, feed it, and care about your new fluffy family member.

But how to buy a kitten locally? Usually, kitties for sale are available in each state. There are many local breeders and catteries to take into account.

The most reputable ones offer purebred cats with all the documentation in the context of the pedigree and the feline’s health. Additionally, there are animal shelters and adoption centers near you. Here, you can count on a kitten for free or cats at the most affordable price.

Explore all the local variants and take a closer look at the most popular American pet adoption services. Note that among reputable websites with charge-free kitty males and females are craigslist and websites of animal shelters. Here, you can find free cats and bewhiskered buddies at the most attractive adoption fee.

Free Kittens Online

Free Kittens OnlineHow to find free kittens near me? If you don’t want to buy a cat from certified breeders and licensed catteries, there is a range of alternative variants like local shelters and adoption clinics.

Many American rescue groups find small bewhiskered babies who are searching for a loving home. The main task of volunteer organizations is to save as many pets as possible and provide them caring owners.

Be ready that you will hardly find a purebred kitten here. But everything is possible. Plus, you can try one more variant – discover baby kittens for sale (usually, only $10-$50) locally on the craigslist websites.

Let’s take a look more closely at possible ways to find a kitten for adoption near you and with minimum investments.



Open the page of PetClassifieds.US on your device. Here you can get lost in the variety of the nicest pets. Search for “free kitten”, “cats near me” for example.

Pay attention to those felines that are free. Note that there are separate-standing sections with breeds for better navigation. Some sellers provide detailed information about:

  • Neutering background;
  • Kittens’ nature;
  • Adoption fees (optionally);
  • Insights about the cat’s parents, etc.

There are other free local pets on to choose from. Find sellers of dogs, birds, fish, and other animals to adopt near you.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups

In numerous Facebook groups, you usually can get a lot of useful and even unique information. Open your FB page and look through all the variants that this social media platform can suggest. Just place the request “a free kitten + your location” first, and click on the inner search button.

Let’s try together. For example, we can use the search query “free kittens Nashville, TN”. The first charity organization that helps animals in this city and the nearby regions is Nashville Cat Rescue. Here, you can find fluffy kittens for free or adopt an adult cat charge-free locally.

One more good idea is ClassifiedAd. Here, you should look for a kitty according to the easy logical click-route. You may also use sorting by price so that free pets can be shown at the top of the list.

Note that this is the craigslist website with numerous advertisements like rentals, books, and other goods to sell. If you are interested in free kittens to a good and new home, start your search on the homepage with the “Pet” section.

Simple Pet Care

Simple Pet Care

This website does not limit you to felines only. There are many ads about birds, dogs, and other animals for free. Adopt almost any pet here with no problems. Simple Pet Care has a library of free cats. If you are lucky, you can count on purebred bewhiskered babies who need your true love.

The website allows both individuals and local pet shelters to sell or offer free kittens on craigslist. Your pet friend is waiting for you! Study their homepage, find the “Cats” section and select “free kittens and cats”.



The search for shelter pets will be much faster if you are exploring local craigslists. There are many websites with ads from people who live near you. Some of them sell cats or are willing to provide felines for free adoption.

Cute kittens are waiting for searchers from Boston, Maine, and other American locations. In the same way, you can find dogs, parrots, fish, and other animals to adopt locally.



On Recycler, you can find free kittens too. Your steps should be:

  • choose “Pets” from the menu;
  • type “a free kitten” on the search field of the site;
  • select the nearest location;
  • Start your search.

Note that this website offers not only free kittens for adoption but purebred ones from local sellers. Ask breeders about medical insurance, the most optimal food to treat your feline, and toys to buy for your bewhiskered friend.

Adoption Fairs

Adoption Fairs

There are special local volunteer programs. For example, the Humane Society from time to time organizes thematic events. Find its account or website and read about future pet days. Then contact them and ask about details.

Let’s also mention that many local shelters and adoption clinics save homeless pets and find new owners for them almost for free (some adoption fees can take place). Explore the PetSmart Charities website to adopt a feline near you through the special-purpose program. Additionally, you can donate any amount to help homeless pets in the local shelter.

Here you can find How to Adopt a Ragdoll Cat

Where to Find Free Local Kittens?

Where to Find Free Local Kittens?

Animals will delight you and make your home cozy. But local free kittens are your new responsibility! Most abandoned kittens need extremely much care and love.

If you are ready to surround your pet friends with enough caring and loving feelings, here are 7 hot-topic tips to take into account.

This way, you will be able to try other alternative variants to get cats for free locally.

  • Internet. In our world, it is difficult to find something without the wide world web. You can search for local groups on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). This is a great alternative to pets for sale craigslist in the 21st century.
  • Press. Previously, it was very often possible to publish, for example, in newspapers, about “A DOG / CAT IN GOOD HANDS”. In this case, you can go to the nearest news agency and buy a fresh magazine or printed craigslist.
  • Public places. Quite often we can see people in the markets, near a shop, or a park with signs “FREE KITTENS” or ads about other animals. So you can check it out.
  • Bulletin boards. Here, you can post an announcement that you are looking for a new friend in the family. Maybe some neighbors are waiting for your adoption right now.
  • Blotters & stickers. Pay attention to the ads near the entrances, on the stalls, shops, and laundries. Sometimes people are searching for the potential owners of their free kittens next to their work or favorite public places.
  • Veterinary or adoption clinics. Ask your local vet about free kittens in your area. You will be surprised by the number of small felines who are searching for a new home! Be ready for some fees to pay (up to $40-$50).
  • Don’t be shy. Call animal rescue services and they may have a free kitten for you.

The best match could be at the arm’s distance. Don’t wait and start to act.

Pros and Cons of Getting a Free Kitten

Pros and Cons of Getting a Free Kitten

A free cat is about affordability and budget-friendliness. But you should know all the pitfalls while emphasizing free-of-charge felines. Sometimes such pets are far from healthy or have other problems to take into account.


  • Budget friendliness
    Taking a feline for free, you do not have to be worried about cashing out hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You don’t have to pay money for adoption, which is needed by the shelters, rescuers, and breeders. With the saved money, you can allot purchasing essential items for your pet and ensure its convenience. Such as grooming & vet services, toys, scratching posts, carriers, etc.
  • Short or zero approval periods
    Usually, when you are adopting a free cat, you don’t have to deal with such a time-consuming procedure as an approval period that includes numerous regular visits, frequent interviews, and tedious evaluations. You just take a pet of any age, sex, breed. No extra permission is required.
  • Paperwork-free deal
    When you are taking a pet from other hands or street you don’t have to settle the schedule of meetups with a cat owner. What’s more, you do not have to be worried about such formalities as waitlisting, payment & contract signing.


  • An unhealthy pet
    A free cat might have different illnesses or even mental disorders. Some poor genetic backgrounds can be given to the kitten from parents. Some stray cats may be feral, and it will take time to get on well with it. Moreover, you will have to spend your dollars on treatment. Typically, if you add all the expenses up, you’ll have even more than bringing a cat from a breeder who usually provides preventive medications and visits a vet regularly.
  • Get scammed
    You may be scammed by people on the Internet. Make sure that the profile of the person who offers a pet looks trustworthy. A caring breeder always insists on asking questions about you as a future cat master. Even if we speak about free cat adoption (not purebred babies).
  • Limited choice of free cats
    First of all, not so many people want to give their cat for free, especially if it’s a feline with a pedigree. Most of them prioritize giving them to friends, relatives, etc. In some regions, there are no stray kits, so some adoption clinics have a very limited number of kitties.
    It depends on you what to choose – free shelter pets, not purebred kittens from rescue centers with an adoption fee to pay, or a premium feline from the certified breeder. Now, you know all the advantages and weak spots.

Why Are Some Kittens Given Away for Free?

In most cases, there are some health issues or breed mix (non-purebred). Sometimes a family faces the challenge of their she-cat pregnancy. That is why people are not searching for a way to make money. Their task is to find a new home for babies.

Do not forget about the increased age of purebred kittens. Most buyers would like to have 1-5 months of feline instead of young bewhiskered buddies. The more a cat lives with the breeder, the lower the price is.

Here are some reputable Ragdoll breeders in California, Florida, Pennsylvania.


What Is the Cheapest Way to Get a Kitten?

The cheapest but the most insecure way is to get a kitten in the street. But the most affordable variant is to adopt a healthy pet from the shelter, rescues, or adoption centers. Be ready for the fee. But medical care and good food animals eat their worth these experiences.

Is It a Good Idea to Adopt Stray Kittens? Where Can I Find Stray Kittens?

Ask your local vet about risks and benefits concerning stray felines. From a medical point of view, it is a great idea for indoor cats. You can find stray baby kittens for free (near me) locally in the shelters, adoption hospitals, and rescue centers.

Should I Give Kittens Away for Free?

If you would like to save your time and find a home for non-purebred felines or adult pedigreed cats with health issues, you can try this variant. Additionally, you can arrange sales on craigslist. Explore websites with free ads to attract more willing buyers.

Do You Have to Pay to Adopt a Cat at Petsmart?

Typically, PetSmart works with nearby shelters to advertise cats for adoption. They could or might not demand an adoption fee, depending on the shelter they are dealing with. The cost can often range from $100 to $250. However, it’s more probable that older cats will be given away for free than kittens.

Final Word

Adoption of homeless pets is always risky. But if you would like to adopt cute kittens “near me”, find a local shelter, explore rescues in your region, and visit vet hospitals with special adoption service packs. Your task is to give true love to a new family member.

Remember that most experts state that you might spend even more than you would like to save while adopting a free kitty. You can face scammers, unhealthy pets, or other challenges. But if you believe that you can find your perfect match for free, just do it.

Here are some reputable Siamese breeders in Texas, Massachusetts, Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and California.