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by Linda Mathews Last Updated January 25, 2023

Some of us often dream of having a catchy outgoing cat with a tiger-like coat. Well, maybe it would be better to stop dreaming and finally make up your mind what ginger tabby cat will suit you and your home best. It can be rather challenging to choose because there are a lot of charming solid orange cat breeds as well as orange tabby cats.

What breed is my cat? You may think going over the Garfield cat breed photos without knowing what orange kitten will be a cool addition to your family. Actually, it’s wrong to pick up a baby orange cat because of its impressive appearance.

If you want to take home a real four-legged friend who you spend time with after a hard day of work, you should focus on the personality and unique characteristics of various orange cats to select the most appropriate one.

Below you’ll find a lot of useful facts about the peculiarities of orange cat types and a concise description of the most sought-after ginger cats breeds.

Orange Cat Genes

Basically, the X chromosome has two copies of the gene that determines orange and red coat color: dominant (O) and recessive (o). The recessive o gene does not result in orange coloring; the dominant O gene does. Due to their two X chromosomes, female cats have two opportunities to inherit orange coloring.

Because female felines have more X chromosome gene combinations accessible to them (O/O, o/o, O/o, o/O), they are more likely to be calico or tortoiseshell. Male cats have only one X chromosome, which is why they are rarely calico or tortoiseshell. They turn orange if they receive an O version. They will have a different hue if they receive the o version.

Orange Cat Patterns

Calico, tortoiseshell, and tabby are the most common coat patterns linked with orange tints on cats. Calico cats are multicolored, and they feature white, orange, and brown hues. Torties have orange and black spirals. Tabby felines can boast a tiger-like pattern with stripes and a distinct M-mark on the forehead.

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Fun Facts about Orange Cats

All Orange cats have markings

There isn’t a single orange cat in the world. They’ve all had patches that have been labeled as these patterns: classic stripes, ticked, spotted, or mackerel.

There is an exact strain responsible for the orange color

Pheomelanin is the pigment responsible for the brown color’s appearance. This is the same pigment that causes red hair in humans.

Some cat breeds have more cases of orange fur

The Devon Rex, the Scottish Fold, the Exotic Shorthair, and the American Bobtail are among the breeds that are fortunate enough to have an orange coat.

Orange cats are the darlings of Hollywood

Pop-culture consciousness is not complete without the omnipresent, snarky orange cat. Garfield, Puss in Boots, Milo, and the innocently interested character, Morris are all loved by the public.

The 11 Orange Cat Breeds

Persian Cat

Persian cat

Being the most popular and demanded orange longhair cat, the Persians refer to the elite and aristocratic four-legged creatures. Their adorable and fluffy fur impresses.

Their laid-back and calm personality amazes everyone. However, the Persian cats are highly affectionate and loyal felines and they are usually in close touch with their owners.

American Bobtail Cat

American Bobtail Cat

Based on their names, the American Bobtail cats differ from other fluffy orange cat breeds by their bobbed tail. This is its unique feature that makes the American Bobtail so charming and extravagant.

Their playful temperament and energetic nature underline the catchy appearance. These domestic cats can be either long haired or short haired.

Abyssinian Cat


The elegant short hair orange tabbies remind a mystical feline depicted in ancient Pharaonic statues. Some people believe that this shorthair tabby breed comes from Egypt, but others think that it has its roots in Ethiopia.

But it doesn’t really matter because when you look at such a graceful creature, you forget everything. This orange shorthair cat doesn’t require much grooming. However, it needs much attention because the cat of this breed is very active and extremely social.



The orange Bengal cat features an Asian leopard-like coat and freedom-loving nature. The Bengals belong to the big orange cat breeds and they need a lot of space at home. Such cats are great hunters and their instincts make them active and energetic.

Moreover, such an unusual cat breed has one more peculiar characteristic. The Bengal cats love water. They love swimming and playing in the water.

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British Shorthair Cat

British Shorthair Cat

A plushy medium-haired cat with a cute round face and special charm… That’s about the British Shorthair cat. Some felines of this gorgeous breed have not only orange fur but also Sapphire eyes.

These short haired cats, as well as their relatives – Exotic Shorthair cats, are quite calm and patient. It doesn’t take too much time to groom them because their coat isn’t so long compared to other medium hair cats.



When it comes to the ginger and white cat breed with short legs, the first breed that comes to mind is the orange Munchkin cat. This peculiar feline is among favorites for families with kids.

The playful temperament of the Munchkin and natural smartness attract a lot of cat lovers to such a lovely cat type.

Turkish Angora Cat

Turkish Angora

Another great option for ginger cat lovers is the orange Turkish Angora. Being a tender and gentle creature, this feline is a highly intelligent and friendly cat.

Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon

One of the prettiest and largest domestic cat breeds is the Maine Coon. The cats of this colossal breed are huge, affectionate, devoted, and easy to train. These gentle giants can be loyal companions.

Besides, Maine Coons are good hunters and their coat can be not only such a flashy color as orange, yellow tabby, creamy tabby, or red, their coat is also water-repellent.

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Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau

Originated from Egypt (learn more about Egyptian Cat Names), this domestic cat has a unique temperament and is one of the oldest cats. Among the rest of the orange striped felines, these cats are known as felines who are always on the move and creatures with low grooming needs.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex

The extravagant appearance and hyperactive character make the Devon Rex cats be always in the spotlight. But these cats love attention and usually build close bonds with their humans.



Very similar to a fox, the Somali cat is marked by vibrant orange coat color. These cats are very independent and like to have a lot of space to play, hunt, and rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What breeds of cats are orange?

What is an orange cat called? The red cats, tabby cats, red tabby cat types, ginger, marmalade, yellow, caramel, butter coat color cats belong to the orange felines. View the list above that includes the top 11 orange cat breeds.

How many orange cat breeds are there?

What breed is an orange tabby? Our list includes the 11 most popular ginger cat breeds. However, the list can be extended because there are more ginger cats.

Are orange tabby cats rare?

Of course, not! As has been said, there are four types of tabby coat patterns often occur among orange tabby kittens. Orange female cat patterns are quite rare, but they also occur. Usually, in five ginger tabbies, one is a female orange tabby cat.

What breed of cats is fluffy and orange?

That’s all about the British Shorthair cat. The British Shorthair belongs to the fluffy cat breeds. Besides, the orange color is typical for this cat.

Are all orange cats male?

Not all, but male ginger cats account for 80% of all orange felines. It’s a scientifically proven fact. According to Science Focus, the X chromosome is responsible for a cat’s red hair color.

Females include two X chromosomes, but males contain the XY chromosome (so they require just one X chromosome to have gorgeous ginger fur).

Why are orange cats so special?

Compared to other cats, orange cats are reputed to be friendlier and more loving.


Orange cats are always in the center of attention due to their impressive appearance and unique temperament. If you are ready to take home such a special four-legged companion, check out the list of the most popular breeds of orange kitties, explore the peculiarities of each breed and decide which orange cat personality and look will be perfect for you.