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by Linda Mathews Last Updated December 29, 2022

Most cat owners want to choose a unique and lovely name for their four-legged friends. Such a name that can impress relatives and guests and, of course, underline all the distinctive features of the kitten. So why not pay attention to the cat names in Japanese culture.

Slightly mysterious and a bit extraordinary, Japanese cat names are a perfect choice for your new charming kitty. The Japanese are passionate about cats because they believe these special animals bring good luck and fortune to their owners. That’s why Japanese names for felines are usually highly symbolic and among them, you can definitely find the name for your exceptional creature.

Japanese Cat Breeds

Japanese people are so obsessed with cats that they even have their own peculiar breed of feline. This breed is called a Japanese Bobtail and it is as specific as the Japanese culture itself.

Take a closer look at Hello Kitty! Actually, the Japanese Bobtail breed inspired the cartoonist to create its famous Hello Kitty! So the spectacular breed is native to Japan, it is well-known and popular all over the world.

What is so special and unique about the Japanese Bobtail? Well, both it has a wonderful appearance and an energetic character. The shorten and kinked tail is combined with an outgoing pet personality and great athletic abilities. Such active felines are amazing! They like to be in the spotlight and occupy a huge part of family life.

Besides all their positive features, they are really getting on well with kids. No wonder that more and more families opt for the Japanese Bobtail when choosing the appropriate feline. This uncommon cat can be an adoring and entertaining family pet.

Popular and Pokémon Cat Names in Japan

But not only Japanese breeds are popular around the world, beautiful Japanese names for cats draw an enormous amount of attention everywhere around the globe. What is a Japanese cat called? Let’s just look at the most popular common Japanese names for kitties.

  • Akemi means something bright beautiful
  • Akira is known as bright or clear
  • Ceiko name in Japanese culture indicates the child of splendor
  • Chibi is for tiny
  • Daifuku is for rice cake filled with bean jam
  • Fuku means lucky
  • Haru signifies spring
  • Hiro name meaning marks like generous
  • Kai name is for ocean or shell
  • Kotetsu marks small iron
  • Maron is for a chestnut
  • Momo means a sweet fruit – peach
  • Reo is a Japanese word for lion
  • Sora is known as the sky
  • Tama means a ball
  • Hime means “princess”
  • Hana signifies “flower”
  • Yuki is great for snow-white cats
  • Espeon – Eevee’s purple cat-like evolution
  • Glameow – gray and white cat
  • Meowth – cream feline
  • Mew – pink, cat-like Pokémon from mythology
  • Skitty – Pokemon
  • Shinx – Pokemon
  • Purrloin – Pokemon

Weather-Inspired Japanese Female Cat Names

Looking for the right name for your charming kitty? Among the best female Japanese names, you can surely find what you actually need.

  • Amaya means night rain
  • Kasumi signifies mist
  • Kumo means cloud
  • Miyuki means snow
  • Nari – thunder
  • Reiki means cold weather
  • Yuki stands for snow
  • Shimo – frost

Japanese Male Cat Names

When it comes to the boy cats, you can also focus on Japanese male names. Japanese names and meanings for male pets are so versatile and captivating that you should certainly see this top list of boy Japanese names.

  • Akio stands for bright man
  • Atsushi is an industrious director
  • Dai means great or large
  • Daiky name meaning is known as great glory
  • Daisuke indicates great help
  • Eiji is eternity order
  • Hibiki stands for sound and echo
  • Hideo means excellent man
  • Hiraku meaning reveals as open
  • Hiroyuki is known as the Japanese word for a great journey
  • Hitoshi is known as a motivated person
  • Ichiro means the first son
  • Isamu marks brave or courageous
  • Jiro is the second son
  • Kirito stands for the blade
  • Kenichi means the strong and healthy first son
  • Kenji means a Japanese word combination for the strong, healthy second son
  • Kircho indicates a lucky son
  • Taro is a large son
  • Yukio name meaning is known as a blessed hero
  • Haruki means the shining sun
  • Nao means honest
  • Kitaro great for truly happy pets
  • Takeo means warrior

Anime Names for Japanese Bobtail Cats

Anime is an integral part of Japanese culture. If you’re a fan of anime, you’re likely to find the fantastic nickname for your Bobtail by checking the list of stunning anime kitty names and heroic anime boy names.

  • Artemis – from Sailor Moon
  • Baron Humbert von Gikkingen – from The Cat Returns
  • Catbus – from My Neighbor Totoro
  • Chi – from Chi’s Sweet Home
  • Goku – from Dragon Ball Z
  • Happy – from Fairy Tail
  • Hideki – from Angel Beat
  • Kamineko – from Azumanga Daioh
  • Kirara – from Inuyasha
  • Kirito – from Sword Art Online
  • Korin – from Dragon Ball Z
  • Kuroneko-sama – from Trigun
  • Kyu – from Fruits Basket
  • Luna – from Sailor Moon
  • Mao – from Darker Than Black
  • Natsu – from Fairy Tail
  • Nyanko-sensei – from Natsume’s Book of Friends
  • Orihime – from Bleach
  • Puar – from Dragon Ball
  • Ryuk – from Death Note
  • Potya (Puma Tiger Scorpion) – from Yuri on Ice
  • Suguha – from Sword Art Online
  • Takamatsu – from Angel Beats
  • Vegeta – from Dragon Ball series
  • Yuri – from Yuri on Ice (here Yuri name meaning is lily)

Cat Names Borrowed from Famous Japanese Celebrities

  • Mokomichi – a famous model
  • Nozomi – a singer
  • Haruna – a popular Instagram influencer and former pop idol
  • Naomi – a Japanese actress
  • Toma – a TV actor
  • Masami – a voice and movie actress

Gender-Neutral Black Cat Names

For black creatures, Japanese people have so many Japanese names meaning dark. Just look!

  • Akumi means dark beauty
  • Kage is shadow
  • Kaguya stands for shining night
  • Kokuyogan is a Japanese word for obsidian
  • Kurogiri means black fog
  • Kosho is known as pepper
  • Makkuro means pitch black
  • Mika is known as new moon
  • Miyako indicates beautiful night child
  • Oribu is olive
  • Sumi stands for black ink
  • Tsukiko means a Japanese word for moon or moon child
  • Yamiyo is known as dark night
  • Yasha means night devil
  • Aia means a ruler
  • Aiko is great for a beloved one or little one
  • Arisu meaning reveals like noble
  • Asuka means tomorrow or fragrance
  • Asuna is an apple tree
  • Ayame name meaning stands for Iris
  • Chika is wisdom
  • Cho name meaning is a butterfly
  • Emiko indicates a smiling child
  • Hayami is known as rare and uncommon beauty
  • Hoshi means star
  • Jun stands for pure
  • Kaiya means forgiveness
  • Katsumi name meaning stands for victorious beauty
  • Kazue indicates peace
  • Mei is brightness
  • Mizuki means gorgeous moon
  • Nana meaning stands for seven or pear
  • Nyoko is known as a gem or treasure
  • Rin reveals like bell or cold
  • Sakura is known as a cherry blossom
  • Sayuri marks small lily
  • Suki means beloved
  • Yasuko stands for a peaceful child
  • Yu means superiority
  • Kimi means noble
  • Chacha is known as cheers
  • Hisashi means long-lived
  • Miho means guaranteed beauty
  • Minoru means truth

Cute/Kawaii Japanese Cat Names

Cats are associated with a fluffy and so charming animal that every pet owner wants to choose the sweetest name for this creature. Here is a list of cute Japanese boy names as well as pretty Japanese names for girl cats. Japanese unisex names for kitties are also included.

  • Chotto means small
  • Etsu means delight
  • Hare is sunny
  • Hashi is knowns as chopsticks
  • Ichigo means strawberry
  • Kamu stands for chewy
  • Kanmi means sweetness
  • Karikari is crunchy
  • Kegawa is fur
  • Kin means golden
  • Koneko means a kitten
  • Maru is a plump
  • Mausu is a mouse
  • Oishi is tasty
  • Pinku stands for a pink color
  • Rini means a little bunny
  • Rozu is a rose
  • Shai is shy
  • Shizuka is quiet
  • Suzume means a sparrow
  • Udon means thick wheat noodle
  • Ume is a plum blossom
  • Watage is known as fluff
  • Yamu stands for yummy
  • Yosei means fairy or sprite

Japanese Orange Cat Names

For the ginger cat lovers, we’ve prepared a collection of the most widespread Japanese names meaning fire and orange color in general.

  • Aki means born in autumn
  • Akahana is a red flower
  • Akane stands for autumn or clear
  • Azuki name meaning is for red beans
  • Kabocha is a Japanese word pumpkin
  • Kaede means a maple leaf
  • Kasai means fire
  • Kyo means an apricot
  • Ninjin is known as a carrot
  • Mikan stands for tangerine
  • Moeru is a Japanese verb meaning to burn
  • Orenji means oranges
  • Shoga is a Japanese origin meaning for ginger
  • Mitsuo is known as a shining hero
  • Naoki stands for honest or straight
  • Natsuki means summer hope
  • Nobu stands for faith
  • Ren means love
  • Ryu is a dragon
  • Shuji means disciplined
  • Tama is a jewel
  • Toshio is a leader or hero
  • Totoro is a Japanese word meaning silent
  • Yuna stands for gentle or perfect

Funny Hello Kitty Inspired Cat Names

People with a good sense of humor should take a look at the list of funny Japanese names inspired by this world’s favorite feline character.

  • Kitty White – Kitty’s full name
  • George – the father of Kitty
  • Mary – Kitty’s mother
  • Mimmy – feline’s twin sister
  • Dear Daniel – Kitty’s boyfriend

Famous Japanese White Cat Names from Mythology

You’ve got a nice cat of white color. In this case, you can choose one of the pretty Japanese names for snowy-colored felines from our list.

  • Akari – light
  • Byakko – Japanese white tiger
  • Fuyuko – winter child
  • Kitsune – white fox
  • Kumo – cloud
  • Mashiro – pure white color
  • Miruku – Japanese origin meaning milk
  • Miyuki – deep, beautiful snow or beautiful happiness
  • Amaterasu Ōmikami – the sun goddess
  • Izanagi – the central god of the creation myth
  • Izanami – the central goddess of the creation myth
  • Kagututi – the embodiment of fire
  • Kintarō – a child with superhuman strength

Cool Tabby / Brown Cat Names

Among the cool Japanese names for tabby or brown cats, these are the coolest…

  • Bishamon – Japanese god of war and happiness
  • Haya-ji – whirlwind
  • Hotoke – Buddha nature, merciful
  • Judo – fighter
  • Kami – deity of the natural world
  • Kaneda – rich, wealthy
  • Kashi – oak tree
  • Kenta – big, strong
  • Kimono – traditional name for a cat with a black marking on its back
  • Kinnikou – muscle (strong)
  • Koneko – Japanese word for kitten (“child cat”)
  • Kounna – lucky
  • Maneki-Neko – Japanese Bobtail cat statues in many Japanese restaurants
  • Mi-kay – tri-color cat
  • Neko – Japanese word for cat
  • Noriko – thunder
  • Osamu – studious
  • Rikuto – down to earth
  • Ryou – cool
  • Sensei – teacher
  • Sho – to fly
  • Sumo – wrestler
  • Taiki – large
  • Takumi – skilful
  • Takeko – Japanese warrior woman
  • Tomoe – Japanese warrior woman
  • Yamakawa Sutematsu (“Stematz”) – first Japanese woman to graduate from college
  • Beniko – this cute name means “red baby” and is great for ginger cats
  • Katsu – means “winner”
  • Mai – if your cat is very lively and funny, this name meaning “dance” is great for her
  • Mimi – means “princess”
  • Shiro – means “the fourth son”
  • Tora – the name means “tiger” and suits rebellious female cats
  • Yoshi – signifies “happiness”
  • Buchi – Tabby
  • Choco – Chocolate
  • Kasshoku – Brown
  • Kokoa – Cocoa

Fun Names Names Inspired by Foods

The Japanese love to give their furry friends funny and cute food names, and you can do it too. Here is a list of cute Japanese cat names inspired by food.

  • Mochi – a perfect name for a cat as round and cute as the famous Japanese dessert
  • Akafuku – means “sincere”; great for sweet kittens who give you happiness
  • Nori – stands for belief, ritual, ceremony
  • Yokan – is the name of a famous dessert; suits fluffy kittens
  • Sushi – this girl name means “Raw Fish”

Names based on Studio Ghibli characters

If you are a fan of Hayao Miyazaki movies, these names can be a perfect choice for your feline.

  • Totoro
  • Satsuki
  • Haku
  • Kiki
  • Chihiro
  • Howl
  • Sophie
  • Mononoke
  • Calcifer
  • Fio
  • Yubaba

Unusual Names Inspired by Japanese Cities and Towns

  • Akita
  • Chiba
  • Joetsu
  • Kochi
  • Kyoto
  • Matsue
  • Mito
  • Nagoya
  • Osaka
  • Sapporo
  • Sendai
  • Tokyo

Tips for Choosing Japanese Cat Names

When you bring home a new kitten or cat, of course, the first thing you want to do is to select the name for your new family member. That’s actually not as difficult to do as you think. The best way to choose the most appropriate nickname is either to appreciate the appearance of your feline or its character and make your choice based on your observations. Our awesome collection of the most popular Japanese cat names offer you a wide selection of nicknames for boy and girl cats.

For instance, you may opt for some popular Yo Kai watch cat characters. Acenyan (Fuyunyan Ēsu) or Blue Moon (Burūmūn) are great for blue cats. Buchinyan is a perfect pick for your red kitty. If you furry friend has a silver coat, then choose Dianyan. If your cat is an important member of your family, then choose Japanese names for cats that mean friend or love. Some examples are Aiko, Megumi, Noa, Tomomi, and Yua.

It can be challenging for choosing the right name for your pet. But if you check out our beautiful Japanese names for felines, you’ll definitely find the most suitable nickname for your four-legged kitty. Just don’t hurry and look carefully at the collection of the famous cat names above