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by Nancy Cooper Last Updated December 1, 2023

Choosing a good cat name is one of the biggest decisions you have to make as a dark cat owner. Why is it so important? The black cat name you pick will accompany you and your cat for the next 10-15 years, and surprisingly, our pets’ names also often prejudge their behavior and personality.

You can choose from cool cat names based on the kitty’s looks, habits, or get inspiration from famous movies, TV programs, or borrow the names of cat cartoon characters.

Also, you can consider dark-colored foods or drinks, or give your black cat a near-Halloween mysterious and magical name.

We believe that your black cat deserves the best cat name – the one fitting them perfectly. That’s why we prepared this black cat names list. Scroll down and there definitely is the right unique name for your black cat:

Names for Black Cats with Green Eyes

Editor’s Note

What is a pure black cat called?

Bombay cats are entirely black.

It is believed that black cats with green eyes are smarter and naughtier than their fellows. Do you have a beautiful kitty with lovely emerald eyes? Choose an equally beautiful name for your purrfect friend.

  • Charm – A great name for a truly charming kitty.
  • Emerald – Do the cat’s green eyes shine like emeralds? If yes, then that’s a good name.
  • Noir – This is the French word for black.
  • Duchess – A suitable name for a noble cat.
  • Baghira – The black panther from “The Jungle Book”.
  • Lakritz – For sweet and cute kittens.
  • Kiran – Means “dark-haired”.
  • Harlem – For a friendly cat.
  • Sirius – For cats with bright eyes.
  • Nila – The name, inspired by Egypt, is great for playful black kittens.
  • Schwarz – Means “black” in German.
  • Angus – Signifies “pure”.

Spiritual, Mysterious & Spooky Cat Names

Probably, the most popular black cat names are spiritual cat names since they often reflect unique inner energy. Check out these wonderful names for black cats:

  • Ace– A very cool name for a badass dark cat.
  • Catzilla – This is one of the best cat names for a mischievous black cat.
  • Pepper– If your kitty is as spicy and unpredictable as pepper, this is a great choice.
  • Shadow – A symbol of darkness and mystery, this name emphasizes the badass personality of a cat.
  • Mustang – A very symbolic name for fast and furious black cats.
  • Little Boss – If you’re a pet owner of a bossy feline, this one is much better than a trivial “Felix the Cat”
  • Danger – Another powerful black cat name on the menu.
  • Killer – A great name for a real bully.
  • Breaker – A name symbolizing physical strength.
  • Flash – For a kitty with a bright personality.
  • Kharisma – Means “a gift from grace.”
  • Karma – Means “destiny” in Sanskrit.
  • Nirvana – stands for “bliss.”
  • Fairy – a perfect name for a magical creature.

Witchy and Halloween-Inspired Names

Editor’s Note

The Crazy History of the Black Cat

Every culture has its own unique black cat legend. Black cats, which are typically associated with bad luck, are seen positively in Japan. A woman with one is supposed to attract many suitors.

But throughout Western history, black cats have been associated with witches and viewed as a sign of misfortune. Europeans thought that encountering them was a sign of bad luck.

Halloween and witchy cat names can be fun, not only creepy. Especially if your new cat sometimes behaves like an evil (which it definitely does), these black kitty names can come in handy:

  • Boo – A funny little exclamation associated with Halloween.
  • Nightshade– The poisonous flower – isn’t your cat a poison?
  • Dracula – A notoriously dark and mysterious movie character.
  • Ozzy – The cryptic Prince of Darkness.
  • Nimbus – From Latin “dark cloud” – isn’t it a good description for a fluffy black cat?
  • Ghost– Something spooky and unpredictable – a great fit for a big black cat.
  • Black Widow – Remember that kickass character of the Avengers?
  • Spirit – A name full of mystery.
  • Cauldron – A funny name for a clumsy pet.
  • Fia – This Celtic name means “dark world”.
  • Creepy is great for an active cat.
  • Frankenstein is perfect for a curious cat.
  • Haunted is perfect for a cat that loves to play catch and fetch.
  • Werewolf suits fluffy cats.
  • Buffy means “God is my oath”.
  • Casper means “treasurer”.

Funny Black Cat Names for Males

Boy cat names are usually funny cat names for black cats. Cat owners will be happy to have a fluffy friend with such unique mischievous cat names:

  • Catsanova – This name links your cat’s character with its nature. Casanova the cat is a perfect joke for a friendly, loving black cat.
  • Ninja – For an agile and nimble cat.
  • Expresso – Why not to name your cat after some dark coffee?
  • Zero – A cool funny name for black felines.
  • Black Jack – As strong and harsh as whiskey… or whiskers?
  • Dog – If your cat often behaves like a dog – just give them this name.
  • Beetle – A catchy name for your frisky friend.
  • Trouble – A perfect name for a mischievous cat.
  • Catmandu – This name is associated with light and beauty.
  • Diesel means “ruler of the people.” Great for a cat, isn’t it?
  • Moonshine is great for a cheerful cat.
  • Boots is perfect for a cat that loves to explore its surroundings.
  • Brown Sugar is great for a black cat with brown stripes.
  • Catatonic suits calm cats.
  • Blackmailer is great for decisive cats.

Cute Female Black Cat Names

If your new cat is a girl, consider some cute cat names to highlight her beauty and grace. These unique and badass black cat names female are the options your kitty will love for sure.

  • Crush – If your new black cat is super cute and charming, she is meant to be a crush of everyone.
  • Blackie – Just a cute name for a cat with black fur.
  • Blackberry– This adorable name is one of the sweetest names for black cats.
  • Enigma – Means mysterious.
  • Minnie – the cute girlfriend of Mickey Mouse.
  • Elvira – An enigmatic name for a cat-girl, also, she is the Mistress of the Dark.
  • Oprah Whisker – What about such cute and funny editions on the name of a famous woman?
  • Eclipse – The light of the sun or moon being blocked out.
  • Silky – One of those great furry names that fit black female cats.
  • Semra – The name of Arabic origin means “beautiful woman with dark hair”.
  • Umbra – The name means “shadow”.
  • Mora – If your kitty is as sweet as candy.
  • Pamela – This ancient Greek name means “black”.
  • Purr-fect – if your cat is your treasure, this name is your top choice.
  • Latoya means “victorious”.
  • Safira means “sapphire” and is great for blue-eyed cats.
  • Moon means “child of the moon”.
  • Jemma means “precious stone”.
  • Diamond means “of high value”.

Popular Black Cats in Pop Culture and History

The best black cat names inspiration can come from TV shows, singers, actors, sports personalities, and just random famous people. Indeed, pop culture offers cute black cat names:

  • Elvis – Choose a singer’s name because of his famously black hair… or just because you like them.
  • Socks – The name of a family cat of U.S. President Bill Clinton.
  • Bagheera – The black panther name in “The Jungle Book.”
  • Binx – the immortal black cat in “Hocus Pocus.”
  • Sylvester – A great black cat name for cats that love the thrill of chasing, it’s inspired by the animated cat from the Looney
  • Tunes cartoons – Sylvester J. Pussycat Senior.

Here are some awesome examples of the best black cat names inspired by celebrities:

  • Beyoncé
  • Drake
  • Jay-Z
  • Lil’ Wayne
  • Scandal
  • Tyson
  • Venus
  • Minaj
  • Kanye

Badass Black and White Cat Names

  • Oreo – This name was created for the naughty and affectionate black and white cat.
  • Panda – This is a terrific name for a cat who likes to sleep during the day but comes alive when you go for its treat container.
  • Tux – It’s the ideal name for a cat with a striking black coat and a splash of white on the chest.
  • Orca – This is a terrific name for a black and white cat that enjoys playing and socializing.

Color-Inspired Black Cat Names

Color inspired names for black kitties are the most direct, simple, and up-to-the-point. However, these names that mean shadow and names meaning dark are so adorable too:

  • Raven – A mysterious dark creature.
  • Onyx – A beautiful, shiny, black colored stone.
  • Midnight – Dark and mysterious time of night.
  • Dusty – This is a great unisex name for very dark cats.
  • Inky– A great choice with dark overtones.
  • Ash is perfect for a black cat with a grey undercoat.
  • Smoky suits fluffy cats.
  • Graphite means “talent”.
  • Night is great for black cats with dark eyes.

Also, consider the word BLACK in different languages as a name option:

  • Nero – Italian
  • Preto – Portuguese
  • Noir – French
  • Schwarz – German
  • Zwart – Dutch
  • Kuro – Japanese

You can also choose a name based on the eye color of your kitty, for example, Opal nickname.

Creative Food-Inspired Black Cat Names

If you love food, your kitty must have one of these delicious yummy names:

  • Chocolate – Sweet and delicious.
  • Oreo – Call your cat after those tasty cookies.
  • Licorice – A sweet candy name.
  • Syrup – Funny and cute.
  • Pudding – Name your feline after delicious black pudding.
  • Caviar – A luxury food name for a lux kitty.
  • Molasses
  • Coco
  • Jellybean
  • Olive
  • Raisin
  • Bean
  • Aubergine
  • Plum
  • Chia

Famous Cat Names

Some of these names are real, borrowed from an Internet news page, others are inspired by cat characters from movies, TV, and cartoons:

  • Grumpy – It’s the name of a famous cat, which can be a potential descriptor or your feline.
  • Monty – Another name of a famous special cat with chromosome abnormalities.
  • Cheshire – The cat from the famous story of Alice in Wonderland.
  • Chairman Meow – It’s a funny pun on a notoriously famous Chinese dictator.
  • Felix – A perfect name of a cartoon cat.
  • Chaplin – Charlie Chaplin
  • Luna – From Sailor Moon
  • Snowball II – The cat from The Simpsons inherited its ironic name from the previous family pet who was white.
  • Cole – Together with his cat Marmalade, Cole helps promote pet adoptions on Instagram.
  • Whiskers
  • Terminator
  • Voldemort
  • Zorro
  • Abracadabra
  • Boo Boo Kitty

Cool Names from Movies or TV Shows

Take a cue from iconic pop culture movie characters known for their dark color or personalities:

  • Salem – The famous black cat movie character from the Sabrina the Teenage Witch
    television series.
  • Lucifer – The sneaky black cat from the movie Cinderella.
  • Binx – The notorious black cat who starred in Hocus Pocus.
  • Selina – The secret identity of the infamous Catwoman.
  • Bagheera – The panther from the Jungle Book.
  • Figaro – The black and white cat character Disney’s 1940 animated film Pinocchio.
  • Twilight – A vampire movie name.
  • Wednesday – The raven-haired daughter of The Addams Family.
  • Cooper – Popular Hollywood actor.
  • Sylvester – Cartoon black cat.
  • Darth Vader is the central character of the “Star Wars” movie.
  • Hermione is one of the main characters in the Harry Potter series of novels.
  • Maleficent is the name of the wicked witch from the movie of the same name.
  • Bellatrix – Bellatrix Lestrange is renowned for her unwavering devotion to Voldemort, her lord.
  • Mrs. Norris is a cat belonging to Argus Filch, head housekeeper at Hogwarts.

Dark names are super popular with black fur. Your kitty is guaranteed to receive a lot of comments and attention with one of these evil female names or dark male cat names:

  • Black Magic – The name for a mysterious black cat.
  • Phantom – Name for a quiet, sneaky feline.
  • Juju – A lucky talisman, fetish, or charm.
  • Sphinx – A mythical creature, an idolized cat.
  • Voodoo – A dark and mystical practice.
  • Hex – Means “to spellbind”.
  • Bewitched – One of the dark female names inspired by a TV show about a witch.
  • Coven – A gathering of witches.
  • Potter – Harry Potter
  • Evil suits outgoing cats.
  • Omen means “sign”.
  • Wizard means “wise”.
  • Eerie suits active cats.
  • Runic means “secret”.
  • Trance means “intelligent”.

Unique Names

Instead of naming your beautiful black cat anything typical, sometimes it’s fun to choose ironic and clever cat names or cat pun names:

  • Fortune – An irony on the superstition that black cats are unlucky.
  • Jinx – That’s what some people feel about your black cat.
  • Snowball – A play-on-words funny black name for a kitty.
  • Vortex – A dark hole.
  • Lucky– Another play on superstitions. However, black cats are actually considered good luck in Japan, for example

Based on Nature

  • Ash – Means “happy.”
  • Stormy – Means “impetuous nature.”
  • Thunder – Great for a stormy-tempered cat.
  • Snowflake – Perfect for an emotional and gentle kitty.
  • Ice – For a cat with bright eyes.

Inspired by Other Black Animals

  • Dragon – For a courageous cat.
  • Jaguar – If your feline is large and fluffy.
  • Leopard – For an active and energetic cat.
  • Owl – For a laid-back feline.
  • Panther – For a true warrior.
  • Penguin – For a cute black and white cat.

Ironic Spice-Inspired Names

  • Peppermint – For a kitty that loves treats.
  • Cardamom – For a cat with beautiful brown eyes.
  • Salty – If your cat is dedicated only to one family member.
  • Vanilla – For a cat with a sweet temperament.
  • Thyme
  • Hazel

From Space

  • Cosmo
  • Galaxy
  • Eclipse
  • Moon

Traditional Black Cat Names From Other Languages

  • Ahumada – Means “Smoky” in Spanish.
  • Aumoe – Means “Midnight” in Hawaiian.
  • Batubara – Means “Coal.”
  • Clair de Lune – “Moonlight” in French.
  • Corvo – This name comes from Italian and means “Raven.”
  • Eleʻele – Stands for “Black” in Hawaiian.

Choosing the Perfect Name for Black Baby Kittens

A new black kitten at home is a source of endless happiness and love. It’s such fun to choose cute kitten names for your new family member:

  • Berlioz – The adorable little black kitten from the Aristocats.
  • Pluto – The name of the black cat in the famous Edgar Allan Poe story and the ruler of the underworld.
  • Cosmo – One of the space female kitten names that work well for dark cats.
  • Puma – A lovely name for your little kitty.
  • Pepsi
  • Carbon
  • Prince
  • Shady
  • Puck
  • Casper
  • Pom-Pom


What is the most common black cat name?

According to the poll, Sooty is the most popular name for black cats.

What do you name a fluffy black cat?

Fluffy black cats are extremely beautiful, so their name should emphasize their great appearance. Win-win options are Nova, Midnight, Stormy, and Shadow.


Cats are mysterious creatures and there are a lot of legends in different cultures about their paranormal abilities, and spirituality.

The beliefs, however, are pretty controversial: some say that black cats bring good luck and are favorable, while others claim that they’re symbols of misfortune, even evil, and correlate them with witches.

Nowadays, black cats are not so often associated with something bad – nothing more than superstitions or Halloween. So, if you don’t care and are ready to become an owner of a cute black kitty, this list of the best names for a black cat should help you with your choice.