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by Linda Mathews Last Updated January 20, 2022

Why does my cat follow me everywhere? This is one of the most frequently asked questions to the vets!
If your kitty follows you everywhere all around your house, then you’ll know that it is like having a small tail whether you are going from one room to another, having your meal in the kitchen, or even taking a shower.

Having an unaltered four-legged companion sometimes can be comfy, sweet, pleasant, but sometimes can be annoying. That’s why a lot of cat owners wonder why my cat follows me everywhere or whether it is normal or not?

Is It Normal For My Cat to Follow Me Everywhere?

Is It Normal For My Cat to Follow Me Everywhere?

Actually, that’s pretty normal if your feline accompanies you everywhere when you’re at home. It’s generally believed that cats are autonomous creatures, but that’s a partial truth. Lap cats love to follow their masters around the house because in such a way they show their affection and loyalty to their masters.

Besides, don’t forget that it also depends on the cat breed how clingy your cat can be as some breeds are characterized as home followers, for example, the Siamese and the Sphynx.

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Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere? – Normal vs. Abnormal Shadowing

Why does my cat follow me all the time? Is it normal or not? The truth is that there’s nothing wrong while your kitty accompanies you from room to room and is always ready to be cuddled by its caring master.
However, there are some cases that your cat’s shadowing can be abnormal:

  • If your cat constantly meows while following you.
  • If your cat scratches all around you too much.
  • If your fur ball follows you in such a way that you can walk without hurting it.

Reasons Why Your Cat Follows You Everywhere

Reasons Why Your Cat Follows You Everywhere

You should realize that there are really a lot of reasons that can explain such a strange behavior of your feline when it accompanies you everywhere. Below we’ve selected the top 7 reasons why you can notice the four-legged companion that is following you everywhere you go when you stay at home.

Loving your company

Nowadays, felines can be characterized as more socialized and communicative creatures, particularly in the case of some breeds like the Ragdoll and the Persians. So no wonder, if the cat is accustomed to spending time with the family and has special emotional bonds with humans, it will want to follow you and other family members in order to express its love and affection towards people and get the same emotions from its humans.

Getting attention

It may happen that you spend too much time at work or with your friends and your cat feels too lonely. In this situation, your feline friend may follow you to capture your attention when you are at home. Don’t be nervous and try to understand your fur ball and pay more attention to it because it really deserves your love and care!

Feeling hungry

More often you see that when feeding time is approaching, your kitty becomes much clingier. It also may be louder than usual. Well, all these signs can mark that your cat wants to signal that it wants to eat and wishes you to give it food immediately. If you want to stop your favorite from following you everywhere, it would be better to feed it, and the problem will be solved.

Having the desire to play

Kittens and adult cats are also playful creatures that like to play. When your four-legged friend starts following you, maybe it is waiting for you as it wants to spend time with you and have fun. Don’t forget that when you play with your fur ball, you form some special emotional bonds with your feline. So do this more often!

Being curious

Keep in mind that felines are highly curious creatures, and they always try to explore the place where they live. If you notice that your furry companion accompanies you from one room to another, this might mean that it is interesting where you are going and what you’re doing there, just out of curiosity. Try not to drive your kitty away, but show it the activity you are going to do.

Guarding the area

Some cat breeds or cats that were in the wild like walking around their territory to realize their scents and spread them around. Your cat may do the same – it may follow you in order to let you know that this is its territory. You should know that this is quite normal, this is just an instinct!

Feeling sick

Cats can say that they are ill or have some troubles with their health. Your kitty isn’t an exception! Instead of this, your furry friend may start accompanying you everywhere around the house, meow loudly, and involve its body language to attract your attention. When you notice that, the best thing to do is to make an appointment with the vet who monitors your cat.

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How to Stop Your Clingy Cat From Following You Everywhere

How to Stop Your Clingy Cat From Following You Everywhere

If Your Cat Is Curious

When you see that your kitty is highly interested in things you’re doing around the house and it looks so curious, the best way to calm it down is to offer your favorite enough toys. When it has a lot of cat toys, it will spend much time playing with them and won’t disturb you when you do your household chores. Moreover, if your four-legged companion has interesting toys, it will play with them when you’re not at home, and it won’t feel bored and lonely.

If They Need Attention

Being a socialized creature, your cat may strive for your attention, and that’s why it can follow you everywhere when you come from work. In order to stop such annoying behavior, you should set aside time that you will spend just with your fur ball by playing and cuddling. It can be the morning routine when you brush your kitty before leaving the house, or the evening playtime.

If Your Cat Has Fear and Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a problem that some cats have, and you shouldn’t exclude it when you see that your furry friend becomes too clingy, too loud, and too naughty. In this case, you should get your cat to the vet and the professional will help you solve the problem by changing your cat’s diet and adding some CBD to it.

If Your Cat Wants Food!

You feed your favorite according to a peculiar schedule, but when the feeding time is approaching, your cat starts meowing more loudly and following you everywhere at home? Well, just ignore this naughty behavior. That will be the best and right option for you. Don’t forget that actually, your cat doesn’t feel hungry, that’s just a condition that attracts your attention.

If Your Cat Has a Routine

Felines are the creatures of habits as well as routine. If your fur ball likes to follow you to the bathroom, but you want to stop this routine, you can do the next thing: don’t let it come to the bathroom with you, just cuddle your kitty near the door and close it, leaving the cat outside. When you finish your bathing, pet your feline again. Be sure your cat will love this ritual, and soon it will stay outside the bathroom with pleasure to be cuddled by you after washing.


Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere? - FAQs

Why does my cat follow just me?

Maybe this happens because you have a special emotional bond with your feline unlike other family members, and your cat wants to spend more time with you.

Why does my cat follow me to the bathroom?

It can be just curiosity. However, in the bathroom, you are more relaxed and patient, and most importantly, you stay alone with your kitty there. So this is the place where you are two and no one disturbs your communication.

Why is my cat following me all of a sudden?

Such sudden behavior may appear because of several seasons, for example, stress, fear, medical problems, diet changes, or age.

Why is a stray cat following me?

The main reason why a stray fur ball accompanies a person is a signal that it is special to you, and it doesn’t mind if you get it at your house.

Why is my cat following me to bed?

When your little favorite follows you to bed, it means that it wants to sleep next to you, and in such a way to demonstrate its love and affection.

Why Is My Cat So Clingy – Do I Need to Go to the Vet?

Most cats are clingy and, normally, they follow their owners around the house. But you should be attentive to your furry companion, if you notice that your favorite looks nervous, upset or distressed, you must visit the vet and get a professional consultation.

How Can You Tell If Your Cat Has Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is followed by several signs like

  • cat’s loud meowing;
  • problems with a litter box;
  • diet changes;
  • obsessive scratching.


As you see, the most reasons why your cat follows you everywhere are related to lack of master’s attention. More often, kitties just hint at their owners by following them everywhere that they need to be petted and loved.

But there are some reasons that need to involve the vets and qualified help. Be attentive to your feline and monitor its behavior.

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