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by Linda Mathews Last Updated January 12, 2023

The Ragdoll is one of the most demanded cat breeds among pet fans around the world. The awesome appearance of this feline as well as its gentle temperament can move anyone’s heart.

Usually, a Ragdoll cat price depends on the intertwining of various factors. Ragdoll’s lineage, location, age, coat pattern, and even the cat’s breeder – all these variables affect the price of the Ragdoll kittens.

The cost of owning a Ragdoll cat can vary from $700 to $5000. And one more thing to keep in mind if you’re planning to buy a Ragdoll kitten… There isn’t such a thing as cheap Ragdoll kittens for sale and it can be a real challenge to find Ragdoll kittens under $500.

Characteristics of the Ragdoll

Characteristics of the Ragdoll

What is a Ragdoll cat? Let’s see…

The Ragdoll cat is a noble, affectionate four-legged companion who gets along well with kids and other pets. Owning such a great fluffy feline can be a great decision for the whole family.


The American Ragdoll cats are gorgeous strong giants with long hair and plushy fur. These felines can be ideal home pets because they are known as low-shedding creatures.

The Ragdolls don’t have an undercoat and that’s why they aren’t inclined to shed in spring. Therefore, the important question may occur like are Ragdolls hypoallergenic cats? Actually, no and they can cause allergies.

The Ragdoll cats are large felines. The ragdoll cat size is commonly 23-25 cm in height and their weight can reach 9-10 kg. However, this doesn’t mean that these fluffy giants have a propensity for obesity. They usually have some belly fat but it is their attractive feature that adds them a special charm.

The Ragdolls have big captivating blue eyes. Their coats are long and thick. Besides, it can be of different colors like white, grey, beige, blue, chocolate, or mixed.


When it comes to the Ragdoll cats personality, these giants are known as highly docile, gentle, and devoted companions. When they are socialized correctly from birth, the Ragdoll cat can be a loyal friend to all family members and get along well with other domestic pets.

Generally, Ragdolls like to be close to their humans and sometimes they are called puppy-cats. These devoted creatures like following their masters everywhere around the house and prefer to sit on the owner’s lap or sleep on the owner’s bed.

Due to its intelligence, the Ragdoll cat can learn new tricks quite quickly and is considered a trainable breed.

How Much Do Ragdoll Cats Cost?

How much is a Ragdoll cat breed? Let’s go back to the main question…
There are a lot of factors that can influence the final Ragdoll cats price. So it can vary significantly.

Age and lineage are the major elements that influence the price of the Ragdolls. The small Ragdoll kittens are cheaper compared to the adult felines. When it comes to the kittens, you can expect to pay between $500 (or even $400) and $2000.

But if you’re looking for an adult Ragdoll cat, you should be ready to pay much more – from $1000 to $3000+.

The Ragdoll Cat Price Range

What is the average price of a Ragdoll cat? Commonly, be ready to pay between $500 and $3000 for a Ragdoll kitten. The price may vary depending on the age, fur color, pedigree and, of course, on whether you’re going to buy the breeding rights (it seems the most important factor that affects the Ragdoll cat price).

The General Ragdoll Kitten Price

In most cases, the price of a Ragdoll cat can vary according to the breeder you deal with and the local vet expenses they are faced with. Be ready that each breeder will establish their own price and that’s why it will vary but it will vary slightly so the cost will be more or less the same.
The Ragdoll cat kitten price may range between $400+ and $2500+. When it comes to the pet quality of a Ragdoll kitten, you can expect to pay a minimum of $400.
For those cat lovers who want to own a Ragdoll kitten of show quality, the cost can start from $1200 to $2500+. If you’re going to buy a Ragdoll kitten from a reputable breeder, you should know that the price of such a cute fur ball with a perfect pedigree can vary from $1500 to $2500+. People who want to have a Ragdoll kitten of show quality and impeccable breeding should be ready to pay a minimum of $2500 and more.

Show Quality and Pet Quality

It’s important to realize the difference between the show and pet quality kitten because it directly influences the price of the Ragdoll kittens. This difference lies in the appearance of the Ragdolls. A Ragdoll Breed Standard is documented and described thoroughly in The Cat Fanciers Association.

This Standard defines the coat colors and patterns that are expected in the show quality cat like Ragdoll. According to this Standard, the show quality cat must necessarily have a white inverted “V” on the forehead and mustn’t have any dark spotting on the body or dark areas on the legs.

In the case with the pet quality Ragdolls, such felines can have dark spotting on the coat and they feature the absence of a white inverted “V”. But if you want to bring just a lovely Ragdoll kitten to your home and you aren’t going to breed, you can consider the option of purchasing the pet quality Ragdoll kitten because it will be far cheaper than the show quality one.

Breeder and Show Quality Price

The category of the breeding and show quality Ragdolls includes the most expensive kittens.
How much does a Ragdoll cat cost – a purebred Ragdoll cat of this type? Well, the Ragdoll cats of show quality that are perfect for breeding can cost upwards of $2500 to $5000. These ragdolls feature perfect marking and fit ideally for breeding. They are usually checked for not having any genetic issues and diseases. That’s why their price is the highest.

Breeding Costs Affects The Price of Ragdoll Cats

Of course, that goes without saying. Any Ragdoll cat breeder necessarily includes in cost some breeding expenses. It can be expenses of the cat participating at different cat shows, the titles earned by the feline at cat contests, overhead costs for breeding, veterinary costs and vaccination, travel costs, and so on.

Why Are Ragdoll Cats So Expensive?

The Ragdoll cat isn’t one of the cheapest cat breeds. Quite the contrary, Ragdoll cats belong to the high-priced felines in the world. Based on pedigree, age, and show quality, the Ragdoll cat price can differ from a hundred to a thousand dollars.

Are Ragdoll cats hypoallergenic to cost so much? No, they aren’t. But why are the cats of this breed so expensive? Of course, due to their rare availability and the time it usually takes to develop the special qualities in them.

The price of American Ragdoll cats goes up because most breeders have to experience a high maintenance process in order to get perfect Ragdoll descendants. So when looking for a cute Ragdoll kitten, be attentive and avoid questionable breeders who establish a low price for Ragdolls because these felines as well as adult cats can’t cost little.

Moreover, the Ragdoll cat price may vary depending on the country you live in or even on the state (when it comes to the USA).

In the UK, it’s possible to own the pet quality Ragdoll kitten for about $500 or the show quality one for $1500.
In New Zealand, even the pet quality kitten will cost at least $900.
In China, the pet quality Ragdoll cats can be bought for $700-$800.
In Egypt, you should pay about $9000 for a pet quality Ragdoll.
In the USA, it’s almost impossible to own a Ragdoll kitten from a reputable breeder for less than $1000. But this price can differ according to the state you or your future favorite live in.
In Virginia, the price of Ragdoll cats can be between $900 and $3000 for a kitten of this breed.
In Arizona and Florida, kittens can cost from $950-$1000 and $500-$1500.
In New York, Ragdoll cat breeders can ask about $1600-$2000 for a Ragdoll kitten.

Different Ragdoll Patterns and Their Prices

There are four main Ragdoll kitten patterns that can influence the price of Ragdolls. Here you’ll find pictures of Ragdoll cats with various coat patterns.

Colorpoint Ragdoll Pattern

Colorpoint Ragdoll Pattern

The Price of a Colorpoint Ragdoll: from $700

This is a classic pointed pattern that is common for Ragdoll cats. The Ragdoll with colorpoint coat pattern usually has darker ears, face, tail, and feet compared to the rest of body parts. The nose and paw pads are the color of their points. The Ragdoll’s chest, chin, and bib are paler if the cat has a colorpoint pattern.

Van Ragdoll Pattern

Van Ragdoll Pattern

The Price of a Van Ragdoll: from $900

A van coat pattern of Ragdolls features darker points only across the ears, tail, and mask. The nose and pads of the Ragdoll cats with van patterns must be pink. Minor spotting is common for this coat pattern.

Mitted Ragdoll Cat Pattern

Mitted Ragdoll Cat Pattern

The Price of a Mitted Ragdoll cat: from $1050

The mitted Ragdolls are quite similar to colorpoint ones but they have bright white mittens on their paws. The chin of mitted Ragdolls is white and their face often has a white marking in the shape of a star, diamond, line, or hourglass.

Bicolor Pattern of a Ragdoll cat

 Bicolor Pattern of a Ragdoll cat

The Price of a Bicolor Ragdoll: from $1400

The Ragdolls with a bicolor coat pattern include darker points both on the ears and top of the head. This coat pattern can be easily confused with a mitted one but the main difference between them lies in the fact that the Ragdolls with a bicolor coat pattern have absolutely white feet without any markings.

Besides, the Ragdoll of this pattern has a fluffy snowy silky coat on the chest while its back and body can have some dark areas and seem like a saddle.

Ragdoll Cat Price Vs. Lifetime Cost

If you want to buy a kitten of such a beautiful breed as Ragdoll, you should understand that a high purebred Ragdoll price involves expensive maintenance costs.

Even affordable Ragdoll kittens will require expensive lifetime costs if the owners are going to raise beautiful felines with unique characteristics. This means that if you’re planning to get a Ragdoll cat you should realize the following:

  1. Wet Food: The Ragdolls are giants that are large in size and weight, so they need good nutrition and you should be ready to spend about $100 per month just on wet food.
  2. Grooming Care: The Ragdoll cats feature awesome long hair that needs regular grooming (it’s about $40 every two months).
  3. Vet Visit and Check-Ups: That’s necessary for all cats and the Ragdolls aren’t exceptions when it comes to the vet visit experience. The cat owners can spend about $100-$200 on the annual Ragdoll veterinary checkups.
  4. Pet Insurance: The Insurance for a cat is optional and if you want to get it for your Ragdoll it can cost $20-$50 per month.
  5. Toys, Beds, and Other Cat Items (like a cat tree): You like pampering your cutie and should take into account that you will spend money on some pet toys and cat’s extras to make your fur ball happy.

Other Potential Expenses

There are several more possible costs associated with keeping a Ragdoll cat.

  • Cat Daycare

 If your work demands you to travel frequently, you may need to leave your Ragdoll cat at a daycare. This will cost you between $20 and $40 every night on average.

  • Cat Sitter

Alternatively, you might employ a reputable pet sitter. A pet sitter will cost you between $15 and $30 per hour. Although this alternative is less expensive, you must verify that you are employing someone with sufficient expertise and knowledge of the Ragdoll breed.

  • Pet Deposit Fees

Depending on your region, landlords frequently impose a pet deposit fee ranging from $25 to $100 per month. This sum covers any harm your Ragdoll may do to your residence.

  • Emergency Care

Cat emergency care often costs between $800 and $1,500. Having said that, it is strongly advised that you incorporate this budget into your emergency reserve. Make a separate emergency fund just for your Ragdoll cat.

To Adopt or To Buy a Ragdoll Cat

To adopt or to buy a Ragdoll cat? It is entirely up to you! Some people don’t mind adopting a Ragdoll cat from the animal shelter. But it’s a true challenge! Such a cute feline can be a great loyal and thankful four-legged companion but at the same time, you shouldn’t forget that it can have some health or behavior issues.

If you’re not ready to adopt a feline of this breed and want to be sure that you’ll get home a Ragdoll with the perfect pedigree, it’s better to buy a fur ball from a reputable breeder. Well, the choice is yours…

Buying Ragdoll Cats From Breeders

The best way to purchase a Ragdoll cat with a nice lineage is to contact reputable breeders. It isn’t a problem today! So you can easily use the Net in order to find a loyal Ragdoll cat breeder and buy a new four-legged favorite.

Ragdoll Cat Breeders Near Me

If you want to find breeders who live not far from you, that’s not a real problem. Just use the Net and search by adding your local tags. But don’t forget the information about Ragdoll breeders.

The best way to do this is to reach the local cat breed association to check the info about the breeder you want to buy a kitten from. You also can talk to people you’ve already purchased kittens from this breeder and know their opinion.

Where To Find Ragdoll Kittens For Sale?

On the Net, you can see a large number of advertisements that offer gorgeous Ragdoll kittens for sale. If you want to get a Ragdoll kitten into your home and aren’t afraid that your new fluffy favorite will have some health and behavioral problems or it doesn’t have a perfect pedigree, you can take your chances and buy a Ragdoll kitten for sale.

Ragdoll Kittens for Sale Websites

There are a lot of sale websites that offer Ragdoll kittens for sale. Just type your request and you’ll get an enormous number of attractive ads that may interest you.

However, be very attentive and don’t forget that Ragdolls are known as one of the most amazing cat breeds as well as the most expensive ones. Don’t believe that you can buy a purebred Ragdoll for sale.

Money-Saving Tips for Ragdoll Cat Owners

A Ragdoll cat does not have to be expensive to own. Surely, there are several ways to save money.

The following are some money-saving strategies for Ragdoll cat owners:

  • Make your own toys and goodies. Using the power of DIY, you may save money on cat toys and treats. There are several methods to make cat toys out of household materials and make homemade cat treats.
  • Purchase high-quality accessories. They are safe and durable.
  • Keep your Ragdoll at home. Keeping your Ragdoll cat indoors reduces the likelihood of accidents and other unfavorable situations.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Price of a Ragdoll Cat Worth It?

A Ragdoll cat indeed costs a lot but most Ragdoll cat owners agree that they are worth such a high price. The Ragdoll cats are loving, gentle, and extremely devoted creatures that get along great with all family members, including kids.

Are Ragdolls a Good Breed of Cat To Own?

This is one of the best breeds to own! A Ragdoll cat can be a loyal friend who accompanies its master everywhere. Moreover, this feline has an affectionate nature and a calm temperament. A Ragdoll cat is also a smart feline who can learn new tricks very quickly.

Should I Look Around To Get a Deal on a Ragdoll Cat?

Of course, you should look for the best option when it comes to your new Ragdoll cat. Various breeders and pet shops offer various prices for such a cool breed as the Ragdoll. So you can view different variants and choose the most appropriate one for your quite expensive purchase.

Will I Get a Discount if I Buy Two Ragdoll Kittens?

Most breeders are ready for a discount if a person wants to buy more than one Ragdoll kitten. This discount offer can vary from $100 to $250. So it can be great to buy two lovely Ragdoll fur balls for an attractive price.

Do Female Ragdolls Cost More Than The Male Ragdoll Kittens?

It isn’t a great secret that female Ragdolls are more expensive than male ones. It can be easily explained by the fact that female Ragdoll cats can give birth to kittens and male Ragdolls can’t do this. Besides, male Ragdolls have more medical problems when growing older than female Ragdolls.

How To Buy a Ragdoll Cat Without Being Scammed?

If you don’t want to be scammed, you should find a reliable cat breeder with a good reputation and buy a Ragdoll kitten from him or her. Be ready to spend a few hundred or thousand dollars because a Ragdoll kitten with a good pedigree can’t cost little.

Why Are These Discrepancies in Ragdoll Cat Prices?

The differences in pet Ragdoll cat prices can depend on various factors as has been said above. The age, lineage, coat pattern, and breeder costs – all these factors affect the Ragdoll cat prices. That’s pretty normal.

I’m a first-time Ragdoll cat owner, what other things do I need to purchase?

Think about the place your new favorite will sleep and buy a comfortable cat bed for it, think about what it will eat and from what it will eat and drink, so buy wet food, food, and water dishes, and, of course, litter box for your kitty.

Maybe the first thing you should purchase for your Ragdoll cat is a litter box. Besides, to become good kitten’s parents, you should buy some cat toys like a cat tree for your Ragdoll cat and don’t forget to purchase a good brush to groom your cat.

I Found a Breeder Selling a Purebred Ragdoll Cat for $175. Is This a Fair Price?

While buying Ragdoll kittens under $500 may appear to be a good deal, be aware that the kittens from these breeders may not be registered with organizations such as TICA, CFA, or ACFA. However, if you respect your investment in this breed, purebred Ragdoll cat pricing should not be less than $800.

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Ragdoll Cat From a Rescue?

A Ragdoll cat will cost you between $100 and $200 to adopt. In certain cases, shelters or rescues will only charge $75 for a Ragdoll cat adoption fee. The nicest part about adopting is that you are rescuing a cat’s life while also saving hundreds of dollars.


The Ragdoll cat price can range and firstly you can be frightened by the cost of this cute feline. But be sure a Ragdoll cat is worth that kind of money. The easygoing Ragdoll fits greatly for family life and such a cute pet can get along well with all family members.