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by Linda Mathews Last Updated January 20, 2023

Some people prefer mixed breeds when it comes to felines. It is interesting to observe how the cat crossbred is growing and demonstrate significant features of the character of both Siamese and, for example, Ragdoll. The same story is about their appearance. These felines are special in the context of their look and behavior.
Today we are going to review a Ragdoll Siamese cat mix. If you would like to buy a feline with distinctive features of these both breeds, take a closer look at all the challenges you might face with such an exotic pet.

What Is Ragdoll Siamese Mix?

What Is Ragdoll Siamese Mix?

What is a Ragamese cat? This is one of the most popular crossbred felines among mixed Siamese cats. So-called Ragamese felines (Ragdoll Siamese mix or Rag Doll Siamese cat) are the symbiosis of the pureblood Siamese and Ragdoll cat breeds.

It means that both appearance and behavior patterns are crossed, so the unique bewhiskered pet can originate. Only imagine the happy blend of two cute breeds! For example, Ragdoll cats have an evocative, loud voice that can be presented in the Ragamese she-cats and he-cats. At the same time, these felines can be intelligent like Siamese bewhiskered buddies.

Additionally, most fluffy representatives of the Ragdoll and Siamese cat mix have an extremely dog-like behavior. To sum up, only imagine what a wonderful cocktail is waiting for caring owners! Both Siamese cats and Ragdoll felines crossed to represent a new-gen breed with a range of peculiarities to take into account.

Ragdoll Siamese Mix Appearance

Ragdoll Siamese Mix Appearance

The size of Regameses or the average Ragdoll + Siamese cat depends exceptionally on their parents’ formation. A mix of these two breeds is getting all the appearance features of the above-mentioned felines. The final result in the context of crossbreeding and performing a unique feline can be different.

For example, Siamese mix kittens can have fewer Ragdoll features or vice versa – obtain dominating Ragdoll characteristics. The weight of male Ragamese cats is typically in the interval of 10-20 pounds. For its part, female individuals are about 10-15 pounds.

It is worth noting that the question of the fur color patterns is quite individual for each representative of the phenomenon of Siamese and Ragdoll cat mix. There are interesting coloration examples that are considered rare and extremely attractive:

  • Siamese Himalayan Ragdoll;
  • Siamese Ragdoll tabby mix (with a chocolate point);
  • Snowshoe Siamese Ragdoll (with white markings on the paws);
  • Seal-point Siamese Ragdoll mix;
  • Lynx-point Siamese Ragdoll;
  • Cream point Ragdoll Siamese cats;
  • Flame-point Siamese Ragdoll mix.

It is interesting to know that Ragameses are friendly to numerous color points at once. In comparison with other cats, they can boast silky fur of various coloration patterns and exclusive markings like dark brown masks or black ties on the light coat. For example, these great pets can be of a lilac point, blue point, and chocolate point.

But there are some significant features that take place in almost all cases of crossbreeding. In fact, they are getting mature for a longer time than other bewhiskered buddies, around 4 astronomical years. Ragdoll and Siamese mix cats have long hair on their coats, likewise Ragdolls. Those Ragamese kittens and adult felines also have inherited exceptional Siamese-originated blue eyes.

Ragdoll Siamese Mix Appearance
It is also interesting to observe the distinctive features when it comes to the temperament and behavior of these animals. Such bewhiskered animals like Siamese and Ragdoll cats are not lacking in their specific characteristics.

Siamese Ragdoll Cat Temperament

Siamese Ragdoll Cat Temperament

Ragamese cats have a unique demeanor of drastically different Siamese and Ragdoll mix. They have really versatile and dissimilar personalities. Most cat lovers state that they are friendly, playful, and more active than other pets with whiskers.

Those felines are as outgoing as Siamese. It’s even possible to compare their energy to dogs. It is worth noting that this is one of the most popular cat breeds that are fond of accompaniment with other animals at home.
They are from too independent and freedom-loving felines who consider other pets as their competitors in the context of the owner’s attention.

Siamese Ragdoll cats are clumsy and funny. But some of them are rather lazy, calm and prefer to enjoy cuddling you and lying around. They wouldn’t claim to be the center of your attention as representatives of the selfish-driven Siamese breed. But Ragameses are talkative, pushy, and affectionate cats of a docile nature.

Do not be afraid to adopt this pet if you have children or other animals. Siamese cross Ragdoll felines are floppy cats, so they will feel comfortable if they are the only pet at home or live in a big family with other fluffy members.
In comparison with purebred Siamese cats, these felines won’t meow until you give up and fulfill all their demands. They can entertain themselves and your neighborhood at once. This feature is more about the Ragdoll cat breed.

Siamese Ragdoll Cat Temperament
Some helpful tips from a reputable breeder for cat lovers who would like to arrange some affairs for their overactive Ragamese. Take a closer look at food puzzle toys. Both Ragdoll Siamese kittens and adult felines will go crazy about hidden treats in the house. The instinct of hunting relates to both Siamese and Ragdoll personality backgrounds.

But you should understand that this is a true joker when it comes to the Ragamese or Ragdoll + Siamese cat temperament. Some features can be dominating over others. But the main Ragdoll Siamese mix characteristics are the aggression-free animal with so much energy.

Siamese Ragdoll kittens are good pets – they are exceptionally clever and kind. If you are searching for one of the most affectionate, beautiful, and extremely intelligent cats, you are welcome! Additionally, Siamese + Ragdoll kittens are not vulnerable to different diseases. Ragameses are really healthy cats!

Ragdoll Siamese Mix Lifespan and Health Issues

Ragdoll Siamese Mix Lifespan and Health Issues

The life durability of the Siamese Ragdolls is over 15 years. Thanks to Rag Doll gens, these felines (like Birman cats and other cat breeds with the maximum lifespan) can live up to 19-20 years.
Additionally, Ragameses have a rather powerful immune system from childhood. Tiny Siamese Ragdoll mix kittens seldom face heart attacks and other health issues like liver diseases, problems with the digestive system, etc.

It is interesting to know that a Ragamese cat depends on one more feature of the parent breeds. And now we are not about the length of the tail or your pet’s whiskers. The Siamese + Ragdoll cat size matters when it comes to the feline’s lifespan:

  • Smaller animals of this breed usually live longer.
  • A bigger Ragamese cat can have a shorter lifespan.

Remember that the health characteristics of the feline mother and father of your pet also play a significant role. The healthier parents are; the more likely that your Ragamese kitten will have no serious issues and chronic illnesses.

How to Take Care of Your Ragdoll Siamese Mix?

It is one thing to have a feline and another to take care of it. It’s not just about cute photos and funny videos on Instagram of your long-haired Siamese with beautiful blue eyes or a fluffy pet of other cat breeds. Having a Ragamese means being a responsible owner. Follow these simple tips for a caring cat lover.

Feeding and Diet

According to veterinary guidance, a healthy diet with enough physical loads is ideal for a Siamese Ragdoll cat mixed. You need to make sure that food and treats are appropriate for their age, weight, nutritional needs, and feline health.

When it comes to Ragamese kittens, they should be fed at least three or four times a day. 6-months kitties of a Siamese + Ragdoll breed can eat only twice a day like adult pets (in the morning and the evening).

Feeding and DietAlways ask veterinary advice to specify the right daily norm of food for your feline. Ideally, the diet should be high in protein, low in carbohydrates, moderate in fat. The representatives of this mixed breed should eat cat food that contains essential vitamins and minerals. Add some vegetables and fruits to the ration of your kittens and cats.

Cleaning and Grooming

Ragdoll and Siamese cats are known for their extremely soft and fluffy fur. To keep their hair healthy and shiny, it is important to know how to care for it. Their medium-length or even long hair should be combed at least twice a week to avoid clogging.

In comparison with Ragameses, other cat breeds require grooming procedures once every 1-3 months. We speak only about pets with short hair only. Additionally, check the ears, eyes, and paws of your Siamese Ragdoll cat regularly for any abnormalities or signs of infection. Wipe these areas thoroughly with a soft damp cloth. For better care, you should also trim the nails of your bewhiskered friend twice a week. Do not forget about your Ragamese. The dental care with the special brush should take place 1-2 times a month.

Training and Exercise

Unlike dogs and many other pets like parrots, felines are harder to train. The keys to successful training a Siamese Ragdoll cats are patience and discipline. Never punish your pet or force him to obey your commands.
Also, always practice positive reinforcement to encourage your Ragamese (treats and other different goodies will come in handy). Here is a small guide approved by the experts from the International Cat Association:

  • When it comes to exercise, your Ragdoll Siamese mix pet will keep you in shape with active play.
  • While using toys and treats, you can make them run around the house.
  • Classic (traditional) toys and cat sticks are sure to make them work.
  • You can also buy a catnip and other goods to arrange a separate play space.

It is easy to explain to felines of this mixed breed where their territory is located. Train your pet there and form a habit to exercise and be obedient to get treats.

How Much Is a Ragdoll Siamese Mix? Kitten Prices and Other Expenses

How much is a Ragdoll Siamese cat? This is one of the most popular questions today. The Ragdoll + Siamese cat price is about $200-400 for a kitten. The most trusted and reputable breeders can offer exclusive felines from premium parent breeds for up to $1,000.

Be ready for other expenses like hygiene supplies, cat food, and other accessories. The average one-time sum of expenditures you should be ready to pay is about $200-400 (brushes, a collar, a cat bed, bowls, etc.).

Places to Find Ragdoll Siamese Mix Kittens for Sale and Adoption

Ragameses can be found locally in craigslists, catteries, and adoption centers. Some reputable breeders who are fond of the mix of these two popular breeds can offer kittens at a reasonable price.

Additionally, there are international programs and interstate sellers to take into consideration. You can also find a Ragamese cat for adoption on the Internet (social media accounts and websites). Explore hashtags on Instagram and Facebook first.


Is Ragamese a Breed?

No, it is not about a separate breed called Ragamese. Most cat associations do not consider the Ragamese and Siamese mix as a single feline type. But most bewhiskered pet lovers are interested in especially cats with Ragamese color patterns.

How Big Do Ragdoll Siamese Cats Get?

Ragamese cats can be about 11-16 pounds. They are rather massive felines with long bodies and medium-length fur of various points (lilac, chocolate, seal, etc.).

Do Ragamese Cats Shed?

Yes, the shedding terms are like felines of other breeds have. So, Ragameses shed like a Ragdoll, Siamese, or another cat. If you pay enough attention to grooming procedures, you will hardly mention the hair on any surfaces at home.

Do Siamese Ragdolls Get Along?

It is worth noting that Ragameses hardly get along with dogs. But most cats can get used to any other pets at your home. For example, you can adopt a kitten and a puppy at once. Or become an owner of two cats of the Ragdoll and Siamese feline mix.

Are Siamese Ragdoll Cats Hypoallergenic?

No, they are not. These cats have medium-length fur, so different allergic agents are easily concentrated on the feline coat. Do not forget about grooming services to increase the so-called hypoallergenic effect.

Do Ragdoll Cats Have Siamese in Them?

Ragdoll cats are a distinct breed of cat that lacks Siamese DNA. However, due to their similar coat colors and patterns, these felines sometimes mistaken with one another.

Final Thoughts: Should You Get a Ragdoll Siamese Mix?

Siamese is one of the oldest cat breeds that is often mixed with other felines to achieve unique features and cross other external characteristics like color patterns, fur length, form of the ears, face, etc. Ragameses are one of the most popular crossbred types that some experts even call a separate breed (but most feline associations do not consider Ragameses as the separate-standing breed).

These pets are friendly and get along with kids or other pets. Additionally, these animals are sold at a reasonable price and seldom have health issues. Ragameses like an active lifestyle, so be ready to train your pet and play with your buddy regularly.