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by Linda Mathews Last Updated December 28, 2022

Sometimes people look to owning a pet as a companion because they are loving, affectionate but not as needy as their canine counterparts. There are many beautiful cat breeds out there that you can choose from. When looking for a cat to bring into your home, sometimes color matters, and in this case, the colors grey and white offer some gorgeous breeds.

What are grey and white cats called? Grey and white cats, often called “bi-color cats,” or sometimes piebald cats, have specific and unique distinctions and cat personalities. Usually, the dominant fur color is grey with some white patches mixed in, but it can be a mostly white cat with some grey stripes or grey spots as well. Bi-color patterns can occur across many cat breeds, and below there is a more in-depth look into the various grey and white cat breeds that will catch your eye.

The gene of these piebald cats was created in a random pattern – in other words, there is no set sequence to how the grey and white colors appear in bicolor cats. However, there is some clear consistency in the order and location when it comes to how much or how little white there is. Here’s a breakdown of some of the white spotting you would see in these cat breeds:

In tuxedo cats, the predominant color is not white, usually grey or black, and you see the white color on the chest, belly, or paws, sometimes even somewhat on the face. The term comes from the look resembling a tuxedo.

A locket means that a bi-color grey, white kitten or cat has only one little small patch of white called the ‘locket’ on the chest.

These cats have a relatively equal amount of both grey and white on them, and they typically just refer to them simply as “standard.”

As it is known, the color of the Mask and mantle with grey and white implies that the cat looks as though it is wearing a cape, or “mantle” – white will show up on the legs, belly, and most of the face, but the rest would be grey.

The cap-and-saddle is almost the opposite of the mask-and-mantle. This pattern variation means that the white color is dominant in the grey and white combination. As for the grey color, it only shows up on the ears or side of the face, and just on the back looking like a “saddle” on the back part. The tail may contain some of the grey colors as well.

The harlequin cat has dominant white with small spots of another color, in this case, grey, on the body and legs. They also have small areas of gray on their tails. The patches of grey color may be in a unique pattern, giving it some character.

The grey color in this type of pattern will only be on the head and tail. The rest of the cat or kitten will be white. The dominant color will be white with grey spots or patches on just the head and the tail.

What Causes These Grey and White (Bi Color) Patterns in Cat Breeds?

The reason for this two-color appearance is a mutation in their genes. There are ten genes that correspond to these color variations. Each generation mutates differently and depending on the mutation type, certain genes are activated or deactivated in their body.

Are BI-color Cats Friendly?

Many bicolor breeds are very friendly, affectionate, and get along well with people. These cats will make great pets and the best companions for children. However, while most bicolor cats have friendly dispositions, to ensure the safety of your loved ones, do not exhibit destructive or aggressive behavior, their health needs to be carefully monitored so that they are safe for your loved ones. Veterinarians at Bond Vet in Long Island, NY state that it is “vital to ensure that any new cat is properly vaccinated and up-to-date with any medications” before they interact with anyone or begin to reside in your home.

Grey And White Common Cat Breed Types

There are several fairly common gray and white cat breeds. Many of them come in both grey and white, or just one color or another, depending on your preference. All of them are beautiful cat breeds, and here are these cat breeds with pictures for you to consider.

British Shorthair – Grey And White

British Shorthair – Grey And White
The British shorthair is a balanced and robust cat with a short, dense coat. However, this breed should be brushed quite frequently since they tend to shed. They have big, round heads and round eyes.

They are friendly, laid-back companions that settle well with families. They are also relatively large cats, so they typically prefer enjoying a spot on the couch rather than your lap.

The colors can vary from primarily grey to primarily white or relatively equal amounts of both colors. Their origin in color was their solid, blueish grey fur, which initially gave them the nickname British Blue before it changed to Shorthair.

Persian – Grey And White

Persian - Grey And White

Persian cats are long-haired cats with wide-set eyes and round faces with snubbed noses. They are known as the ‘glamorous type’ of beautiful cat breeds with flowing, fluffy grey and white coats and sweet demeanors. They are very relaxed, almost docile, and easygoing cat breeds, showing lots of affection to their owners and enjoying just lounging around. These cats tend to shed a lot, so it is a good idea to groom them every day to remove loose hairs.

Persians are one of the oldest cat breeds, from way back to the 1600s. Royals like Queen Victoria have also favored them and owned them as pets. Persians are medium-sized cats usually weighing no more than 12 pounds, with their distinguishing long, silky, grey and white coat.

Ragdoll – Grey And White


These large, muscular semi-long-haired cats are best known (like the Persians) for being quite docile, which makes them such great house cats. The Ragdoll cat’s eye-catching features are its signature blue eyes and soft, silky grey and white coat. A white grey cat with blue eyes is very striking to see. Who wouldn’t want this type of cat in their home?

Munchkin – Grey And White


These very friendly, people-oriented cats make lovely furry friends. Munchkins tend to get along quite well with other cats and even dogs, so if you have several pets at home, this beautiful grey and white kitty is a perfect option to consider. The colors vary but can be primarily white with grey spots.

Sometimes called “Sausage cat,” this is a relatively newer breed and is distinguished by its very stubby legs due to genetics. Don’t let that fool you into thinking the cat has health issues. Besides the mutation, they are no different than any other ordinary housecat.

Russian Blue

Russian Blue

These grey and white cat breeds with green eyes are known for their dark grey coat with a shimmering hue. The green eyes (just like the blue eyes you see in a Ragdoll breed) are very striking and mesmerizing. The Russian Blue is one of the most famous cat breeds because its fur is hypoallergenic, a marked preference for anyone with allergies.

The reason these cats are called “Blue” is because of their blue-grey, double-layered coat. Their outer coat is even covered with beautiful silver tips, giving them a shimmer, and you can even trace patterns with your fingers that will stay within that thick, velvety fur until you smooth it out again.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex

This is usually a white cat with grey stripes, spots, or patches. Their soft, wavy fur is very distinctive and makes this breed rare in grey and white colors. The Devon Rex cats have large eyes and ears, small facial features, and a very playful personality.

They are great snugglers, and one key component is that they shed less than most other breeds, so you can feel safe by allowing this cat to lie in your bed or on your couch more often.

Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau

Purina describes this cat as a devoted, vocal type of breed, often showing affection by meowing. They are playful, maintain a vibrant and active lifestyle, and even like water, which is quite unusual for cats. They love to play and hunt, so make sure you have enough room for their energetic personalities.

These cats tend to be short-haired, and their size is about medium at most. The grey and white colors are represented by a white cat with grey spots or pale silver. Their spotted coat can also come in other colors, such as bronze or darker grey. These spots make them truly stand out from other cat breeds since they are the only domesticated breed that is spotted.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

Native to Norway (hence its name), this cat is very gentle and friendly by nature. They are called “Wegie”, and they are pleasant companions that do not require a lot of attention. They are semi-long-haired gray and white cats with beautiful coats. At first glance, these bi-color cat breeds bear a striking resemblance to the Maine Coon, and these two species may be related.

These cats tend to be homebodies and get along well with other pets and humans. Their relationships with humans are marked as being “in their own terms”. In other words, they can be lap cats, but they will decide when to be on or off your lap.

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold

These grey and white cats are particularly distinguished by their small folded ear appearance, which makes them look like owls. This is the result of genes that affect the cartilage, making them more susceptible to wax build-up or ear mites, so you should be sure to have its ears checked carefully at every vet visit. Their heads are round, they tend to be medium-sized, can be long-haired, and require some grooming every week.

They are sweet and adaptable, so they make great pets, but they tend to bond with just one person within a household, so they are more suited for singles. If you decide to own one as a family cat, you will be able to determine quickly which human it picks as its one person. They are very loyal. Despite their ears being folded, they are still quite expressive and will go back in anger or perk up when they hear you opening their cat food container.

Grey And White Tabby Cat

Grey And White Tabby Cat

The term “tabby cat” is not truly a breed. The phrase “tabby cat” actually refers to the fur patterns. This is due to the fact that these cats have a distinctive “M” shape on their forehead, grey stripes near the eyes and across the cheeks, as well as along the back, and around its legs and tail. The striped, dotted, speckled, or swirled fur pattern in the grey and white can vary, but the “M” shaped marking is always a trait.

Most people tend to associate a tabby cat with the more commonly known alley cat, but this is far from the truth. There are four primary patterns associated with tabby cats, and these coat patterns have something that is referred to as “tabby”.
The four patterns are called Classic, Mackerel (or striped), Spotted, and Agouti (ticked):

The Classic – this pattern has whorls that end in sort of a target on the side of the cat, sometimes with higher white-to-grey color contrast.

The Mackerel – mackerel or striped is the more common pattern seen in Tabbys, with stripes around the tail and legs, longer stripes on their chests, bellies, and then on the sides of the bodies. The stripes sometimes look somewhat broken up, as shown in the chart below.

The Spotted – The spotted pattern typically can cover any considerable area of the cat’s body, usually the back and the sides.

The Agouti – ‘ticked’ refers to the coat of the cat that features different colors along the length,
which makes these cats look like they shimmer due to the vast variation.

Here’s a picture to help clarify the types of Tabby Cat patterns you will see:

types of Tabby Cat patterns
Illustration: The Spruce / Elise Degarmo

Multiple cat breeds accept these tabby patterns, but people tend to categorize the tabby cat as a separate breed, even though it is not. Other breeds that were mentioned, such as the British Shorthair, Norwegian Forest Cat, and Devon Rex, all accept tabby patterns.

What Breed of Cat Is Grey and White?

A domestic shorthair cat has grey and white coloring. These cats have short tails and firm, dense fur.

Which Cat Breed Is Right For You

Now that you have been able to go through a more detailed, in-depth look into these various grey and white cat breeds with pictures, which gorgeous cat would you like to see in your home?

Maybe you’ll consider a grey and white fluffy Persian, or a grey Classic Tabby, or a grey and white green-eyed Russian Blue cat – there are so many various breed options out there for these white and grey color coats and patterns, and all of these gorgeous breeds will make excellent house pets.

Once you have chosen the perfect grey and white cat for your family, the next decision will be what to name it. You will want to choose a name that reflects their lovely looks and sweet personalities. Hopefully, this breakdown of these beautiful breeds can help you pinpoint the best name for your new feline.

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